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Cosmo Jarvis

Singer, songwriter, and filmmaker Cosmo Jarvis has earned a devoted following for his witty, often satiric tunes about the foibles of relationships and contemporary life, often rooted in personal experience, as well as his own self-produced videos and short subjects that have given his work a global online audience. Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis was born on September 1, 1989 in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Jarvis' family relocated to the United Kingdom when he was young, and he grew up in Devon in Southwest England. Jarvis began writing songs when he was only 12 years old, around the same time he began making short films using a VHS video camera. While Jarvis' early videos were little more than documentation of pranks played with his friends, with time he began constructing more complex narratives, and similarly his songs began to evolve, ranging from folk-inspired acoustic guitar pieces and elaborate pop tunes to tongue-in-cheek hip-hop tracks. At the age of 16, Jarvis quit school to focus on his creative work, and in 2009 he wrote and produced his debut album, an 18-song set called Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch, which was released by the British indie label Wall of Sound. The album combined Jarvis' observational tunes with a cycle of songs reflecting the emotional turmoil of his parents' stormy relationship. Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch received enthusiastic notices from the British music press, but it didn't sell especially well, and Jarvis teamed with 25th Frame for his second release, Is the World Strange or Am I Strange? A track from the album, "Gay Pirates," became an Internet sensation after Jarvis' low-budget video for the song was endorsed in a Twitter post by actor and author Stephen Fry, and subsequent airplay helped make the second album a commercial success. While continuing to tour, write songs, and record music, Jarvis has also been writing and directing a feature film, provisionally titled The Naughty Room. ~ Mark Deming
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Cosmo Jarvis

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Cosmo Jarvis

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Cosmo Jarvis

  1.   Song
  2.   Sure as Hell Not Jesus
  3.   Love This
  4.   Tell Me Who to Be
  5.   Clean My Room
  6.   Wealth Care
  7.   Road Closed
  8.   Mel's Song
  9.   Problems
  10.   Jupiter's Falling
  11.   The Talking Song
  12.   Let Me out of My Head
  13.   The Royal Fuckup
  14.   Train Downtown
  15.   Crazy Screwed Up Lady
  16.   She Doesn't Mind
  17.   My Day
  18.   Is the World Strange or Am I Strange?
  19.   Betty
  20.   Gay Pirates
  21.   She's Got You
  22.   Maxine
  23.   Kate Was 'Ere
  24.   Gone, Like You
  25.   Lost
  26.   Dave's House
  27.   Sort Yourself Out
  28.   Wrong Kind of Happy
  29.   Why Do Angels Make Me Cry ?
  30.   Jack
  31.   Jessica Alba's Number
  32.   Lacie
  33.   Get Happy
  34.   Goodnight Everyone
  35.   I Don't Wanna See
  36.   The Girl from My Village
  37.   Whatever
  38.   The Wave That Made Them Happy
  39.   Wild Humans
  40.   Mummy's Been Drinking
  41.   Lonely Stroll
  42.   You Got Your Head
  43.   Friend of the Devil
  44.   Think Bigger
  45.   Sunshine
  46.   Girl in the French Film
  47.   What's Wrong With Betty ? (Part 1)
  48.   Screw You Moon
  49.   Hopeless Bay
  50.   Good Citizen
  51.   Blame It on Me
  52.   Sunshine + Dandelions
  53.   He Only Goes Out On Tuesdays

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