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Before the Cro-Mags, the idea of combining heavy metal and hardcore together was unheard of. But with the release of their classic debut, The Age of Quarrel, hardcore-metal was born, and in its wake came a legion of similarly styled offspring (Biohazard, Vision of Disorder, etc.). Although the group endured an endless amount of lineup shifts (which is probably the main reason they never became as well known as they should have), the Cro-Mags continued to record and tour in one form or another. Through it all, the New York City-based group's leader has been bassist Harley Flanagan who, in 1977 at the ripe old age of ten (!), started his first punk band during a European trip. Upon returning to NYC, Flanagan supplied drums for the Stimulators, a band that performed quite a bit locally and in Washington, D.C., alongside Bad Brains. The early '80s saw the initial Cro-Mags lineups formed with a variety of members playing alongside the only constant: Flanagan. By the middle of the decade, the best-known Cro-Mags lineup was in place -- Flanagan on bass, former Bad Brains roadie John Joseph on vocals, Parris Mayhew on guitar, and Mackie Jayson on drums -- and soon built a rabid following via shows at CBGB's. The quartet recorded a 13-track demo that made the rounds throughout the underground -- eventually officially released in 2000, as Before the Quarrel -- and landing the Cro-Mags a record deal with Profile's Rock Hotel label (with second guitarist Doug Holland joining, as well). Similar to how Bad Brains aligned themselves with Rastafarianism, it was around this time that members of the band became closely associated with the Hare Krishna faith. With a loud buzz forming, the Cro-Mags issued their aforementioned debut, The Age of Quarrel, in 1986. With such bands as Slayer and Metallica becoming increasingly popular, it seemed like the musical tides were changing in favor of groups like the Cro-Mags, as nationwide tours with such groups as Motörhead and Megadeth expanded their audience. But it wasn't meant to be, as both Joseph and Jayson exited the group after its supporting tour (the latter of which would later turn up in the Bad Brains and the Fun Lovin' Criminals). Instead of following up their debut right away, it wasn't until 1989 that Best Wishes was released, which saw Flanagan double as lead vocalist. With increasing troubles with their label, Mayhew left the group, but by the early '90s, the Cro-Mags were up and running once more, as Flanagan and Joseph resuscitated the band with a pair of albums for the Century Media label -- 1992's Alpha-Omega and 1993's Near Death Experience. However, after the release of a double-live album, Hard Times in an Age of Quarrel, the Cro-Mags split up. Since then, various versions of the Cro-Mags have recorded and toured (including a brief reunion of Flanagan and Mayhew which resulted in 2000s Revenge). Flanagan eventually returned with a new band, Harley's War (which included ex-Suicidal Tendencies guitarist Rocky George); who issued their debut in 2003, titled Cro-Mag. ~ Greg Prato
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  1.   Song
  2.   Life of My Own
  3.   The Other Side of Madness (Revenge)
  4.   Malfunction
  5.   These Streets
  6.   Don't Forget
  7.   Open Letter
  8.   My Life
  9.   Can You Feel?
  10.   Premeditated
  11.   Everybody's Gonna Die
  12.   Time I Am
  13.   Changes
  14.   Kuruksetra
  15.   Victims
  16.   Apocalypse Now
  17.   Hard Times
  18.   It's the Limit
  19.   Survival of the Streets
  20.   Say Good-Bye to Mother Earth
  21.   Steal My Crown
  22.   Don't Tread on Me
  23.   Pressure Drop
  24.   Dub "Outro"
  25.   See the Signs
  26.   Tore Up
  27.   Show You No Mercy
  28.   Changes/Cro-Mags Jam
  29.   Fireburn
  30.   Jones
  31.   Near Death Experience
  32.   Death in the Womb
  33.   War on the Streets
  34.   Kali-Yuga
  35.   Eyes of Tomorrow
  36.   By Myself
  37.   Face the Facts
  38.   The Paths of Perfection
  39.   World Peace
  40.   Reflections
  41.   Without Her
  42.   We Gotta Know
  43.   Street Justice
  44.   Seekers of the Truth
  45.   Do Unto Others
  46.   Signs of the Times
  47.   Death Camps
  48.   Days of Confusion
  49.   The Only One
  50.   Down, But Not Out
  51.   Crush the Demoniac Fugitive
  52.   Then and Now
  53.   Age of Quarrel
  54.   Crush the Demoniac
  55.   Fugitive
  56.   We Gotta Know/Kingpin
  57.   [Untitled Track]
  58.   See the Sighs
  59.   [Untitled Track]
  60.   You Know It's True
  61.   Intro Music
  62.   Blitzkreig Bop
  63.   Intro
  64.   Bonus Material
  65.   Blitzkrieg Bop
  66.   Life on My Own
  67.   Vii
  68.   [Untitled]
  69.   (Untitled)
  70.   Rali-Nuga
  71.   Sign of the Times
  72.   Dub
  73.   Untitled

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