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Tarnishing sunny melodies with a scuzzy recording style and lots and lots of feedback, Crocodiles' Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez met during their formative teenage years in San Diego. Playing together in various incarnations since then, including in the Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, which featured Welchez on vocals and Rowell on guitar, the duo re-formed in a lo-fi capacity under the name Crocodiles in April of 2008. After self-releasing a distortion-driven 7", their single Neon Jesus was championed by No Age on a Stereogum best-of-2008 poll. As Crocodiles' debut full-length was recorded over that winter, blog readers started taking notice, and Summer of Hate was released by Fat Possum in late April of 2009. That winter, Crocodiles put out a Christmas-themed split 7" with Dum Dum Girls and prepped their follow-up, Sleep Forever, for the summer of 2010. After adjusting their lineup to include bassist Marco Gonzalez, keyboardist Robin Eisenberg, and drummer Anna Schulte, Rowell, Welchez, and the group traveled from their hometown of San Diego to record their third full-length in Berlin. That album, Endless Flowers, was released in the spring of 2012 on Souterrain Transmissions in the U.K. and French Kiss in the U.S. Crocodiles' fourth album, 2013's very focused and poppy Crimes of Passion, was produced by the Raveonettes' Sune Rose Wagner and featured just the duo of Rowell and Welchez, plus the occasional guest on backing vocals and horns. Taking a break from the band, Welchez recorded an album with his wife, Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls, under the name Haunted Hearts. The group reconvened and set up shop in Mexico City to record its next album. Working with producer Martin Thulin, the duo continued refining the poppier aspects of its sound, while incorporating some Latin influences. Boys was released in May of 2015 on Welchez's own Zoo Music label. Their next album was recorded in the same location, with Thulin contributing instrumentation as well as steady production. Arriving in 2016, Dreamless de-emphasized guitars and used keyboards and other instruments to fill in the arrangements. ~ Jason Lymangrover
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  1.   Song
  2.   Telepathic Lover
  3.   I Wanna Kill
  4.   Hollow Hollow Eyes
  5.   Mirrors
  6.   Heavy Metal Clouds
  7.   Jailbird
  8.   Cockroach
  9.   She Splits Me Up
  10.   Young Drugs
  11.   U Sexy Thing
  12.   Here Comes the Sky
  13.   Hearts of Love
  14.   Neon Autobahn
  15.   The Boy Is a Tramp
  16.   Billy Speed
  17.   Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)
  18.   Jumping on Angels
  19.   Time to Kill
  20.   Soft Skull (In My Room)
  21.   Hung Up on a Flower
  22.   I'm Sick
  23.   Don't Look Up
  24.   Dark Alleys
  25.   Sleep Forever
  26.   I Like It in the Dark
  27.   Neon Jesus
  28.   Hard
  29.   Refuse Angels
  30.   I Wanna Destroy You
  31.   Flash of Light
  32.   Welcome to Hell
  33.   Sleeping With the Lord
  34.   Teardrop Guitar
  35.   Electric Death Song
  36.   Crybaby Demon
  37.   I'm Not a Young Man Anymore
  38.   Stoned To Death
  39.   Blue
  40.   Un Chant d'Amour
  41.   Not Even in Your Dreams
  42.   All My Hate and My Hexes Are For You
  43.   No Black Clouds for Dee Dee
  44.   Foolin' Around
  45.   Virgin
  46.   Girl In Black
  47.   Summer of Hate
  48.   Groove is In the Heart/California Girls
  49.   Welcome Trouble
  50.   Gimme Some Annihilation
  51.   My Surfing Lucifer
  52.   Kool TV
  53.   Do the Void
  54.   Me and My Machine Gun
  55.   Jet Boy, Jet Girl
  56.   Marquis de Sade
  57.   You Are Forgiven
  58.   Endless Flowers
  59.   Fascist Cops
  60.   Echando Desmadre
  61.   Go Now
  62.   Maximum Penetration
  63.   Peroxide Hearts
  64.   Screaming Chrome
  65.   Bubblegum Trash
  66.   Alita
  67.   Transylvania

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