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Crystal Castles

Fusing lo-res electronic noise and pop hooks so effortlessly that it can seem accidental, Crystal Castles began as producer/multi-instrumentalist Ethan Kath's solo project in late 2003. Kath got the moniker from the name of She-Ra's dwelling in the He-Man and Masters of the Universe cartoon series; it's also the name of a 1983 Atari video game, which is oddly appropriate, considering that one component of the band's distinctive sound comes from a keyboard modified with an Atari 5200 sound chip. When Kath collaborated with singer Alice Glass on some songs in spring 2005, Crystal Castles' lineup was complete. One of the songs the pair recorded, "Alice Practice," was something of an accident: it was intended to be a demo of Glass testing out a microphone, but its presence on MySpace piqued record labels' interest. "Alice Practice" was released as a limited-edition 7" in summer 2006 on Merok Records, also home to Klaxons; its 500-copy run sold out in three days. Kath and Glass worked on their own songs and also honed their remixing skills, tweaking songs for Klaxons as well as GoodBooks, Uffie, Health, and Bloc Party. Tours with the Presets and Metric in 2007 set the stage for the release of Crystal Castles' self-titled debut album, which Last Gang released early in 2008. The duo returned in 2010 with another self-titled album; when it leaked onto the Internet in late April of that year, the band released it digitally soon after, with a physical release following that May. For 2012's more streamlined III, the duo decamped to Warsaw, where they recorded direct to tape, eschewing any computer-assisted recording. Glass left the project in October 2014 to pursue a solo career; in April 2015, Kath resurfaced with a new Crystal Castles track, "Frail," which featured new vocalist Edith Frances. Another new song, "Deicide," surfaced that July, a few months before the new lineup's live debut at the Soundswild Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa that November. The duo debuted more new material in early 2016, and Crystal Castles' fourth album Amnesty appeared that August. ~ Heather Phares
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Crystal Castles

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Crystal Castles

  1.   Song
  2.   Not In Love
  3.   Crimewave
  4.   Celestica
  5.   Vanished
  6.   Baptism
  7.   Affection
  8.   Untrust Us
  9.   Empathy
  10.   Concrete
  11.   Char
  12.   Plague
  13.   Pale Flesh
  14.   Pap Smear
  15.   Deicide
  16.   Intimate
  17.   Alice Practice
  18.   Magic Spells
  19.   Courtship Dating
  20.   Kerosene
  21.   Air War
  22.   Their Kindness Is Charade
  23.   Xxzxcuzx Me
  24.   Femen
  25.   Mercenary
  26.   Transgender
  27.   Year of Silence
  28.   Tell Me What to Swallow
  29.   Good Time
  30.   Kept
  31.   Ornament
  32.   Chloroform
  33.   Sadist
  34.   Frail
  35.   Air Wars
  36.   Child I Will Hurt You
  37.   Violent Youth
  38.   Vietnam
  39.   Suffocation
  40.   I Am Made of Chalk
  41.   Fainting Spells
  42.   Seed
  43.   Insectica
  44.   Mother Knows Best
  45.   Through the Hosiery
  46.   1991
  47.   Sad Eyes
  48.   Violent Dreams
  49.   Knights
  50.   Teach Her How to Hunt
  51.   Enth
  52.   Fleece
  53.   Wrath of God
  54.   Telepath
  55.   Insulin
  56.   Wrath of God
  57.   Doe Deer
  58.   Birds
  59.   Trash Hologram
  60.   Black Panther
  61.   Reckless
  62.   Love and Caring

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