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During his time in the seminal hardcore band the Misfits, vocalist Glenn Danzig displayed a fascination with outlandish, graphic, often gory imagery; in forming the more heavy metal-oriented band Samhain, Danzig's lyrics delved into typical metal subject matter, but took the concept of darkness to an extreme. After the demise of Samhain, Danzig formed his own eponymous band with Samhain guitarist John Christ, ex-Rosemary's Babies drummer Eerie Von on bass, and longtime hardcore drummer Chuck Biscuits (D.O.A., Black Flag, Circle Jerks); this band would prove a more effective vehicle for Danzig's obsession with the dark side. While that obsession can seem cartoonish at times, there is more to the band than meets the eye -- Danzig obviously relishes casting himself as the menacing, evil heavy metal frontman, and his theatricality often seems to indicate that his posturing is not meant to be taken very seriously. At the same time, the darkness of Danzig's vision has increasingly expressed itself over the band's career in a heavily romanticized, brooding, gothic sensibility, more quietly sinister and darkly seductive than obviously threatening or Satanic, and the group's music progressed from simple, blues-based heavy metal riffs to more atmospheric, coldly haunting song textures that attempt to sonically replicate the feel of the lyrics. Glenn Danzig co-founded the Misfits in Lodi, New Jersey in 1977. When the hardcore band broke up in 1983, Danzig formed the metallic, brooding Samhain in order to experiment with different sounds, but that project imploded as well. The band Danzig was put together in 1987, and quickly inked a deal with Rick Rubin's Def American label. Their self-titled debut found Danzig playing the Satanic metal singer role to the hilt, even if the band's songs sounded much the same. Danzig II: Lucifuge followed in 1990, and it broadened the band's musical palette, expanding on the simple blues riffs of the debut with more extensive forays into that style. Danzig III: How the Gods Kill marked a full-fledged entry into the realm of gothic romanticism, working to create moods rather than pounding heavy metal aggression. "Dirty Black Summer" and "How the Gods Kill" became staples on MTV's Headbanger's Ball. Danzig next released a solo project, Black Aria, a quasi-operatic attempt at classical instrumentals depicting the fall of Satan from heaven. The band broke through into the mainstream in 1993, when a live video for "Mother," a song originally released on Danzig, became an inescapable smash on MTV and even charted as a single, nearly cracking the Billboard Top 40. Meanwhile, Danzig contributed a track entitled "Thirteen" to Johnny Cash's acclaimed 1994 effort American Recordings. The more experimental Danzig 4 was released in 1994 and entered the charts at number 29, but its quiet, moody, atmospheric subtlety didn't find as much favor with the band's new audience as the anthemic "Mother," while some longtime fans dismissed it as mellow and therefore commercial. During the supporting tour, Chuck Biscuits left the band and was replaced by Joey Castillo. Following the tour, Danzig broke up the band and formed a new version featuring ex-Prong guitarist/vocalist Tommy Victor, drummer Castillo, and bassist Josh Lazie; this lineup released Blackacidevil on Halloween 1996. Blackacidevil was ignored by both the press and the public, falling out of the charts after a mere three weeks. 6:66 Satan's Child followed in 1999; Live on the Black Hand Side appeared two years later. In 2002 and 2004, Danzig released the stripped-down I Luciferi and Circle of Snakes, both returns to form that found the artist emulating the simplistic brutality of his 1988 debut. Black Aria II arrived in the fall of 2006. The band did a tour in 2008 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut before releasing their ninth album, Deth Red Sabaoth, in 2010. Skeletons, a ten-track collection of newly recorded covers that included Danzig-blasted renditions of Aerosmith's "Lord of the Thighs," the Everly Brothers' "Crying in the Rain," and Dave Allan & the Arrows' theme from the 1967 biker film "Devils Angels," arrived in 2015. ~ Steve Huey
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  1.   Song
  2.   Twist of Cain by Glenn Danzig
  3.   Dirty Black Summer
  4.   Her Black Wings
  5.   Long Way Back from Hell
  6.   Left Hand Black
  7.   Snakes of Christ
  8.   Mother
  9.   Am I Demon by Glenn Danzig
  10.   The Hunter by Glenn Danzig
  11.   Black Mass
  12.   Brand New God
  13.   Wicked Pussycat
  14.   Evil Thing
  15.   I Luciferi
  16.   Last Ride
  17.   Devil on Hwy 9
  18.   777
  19.   Cantspeak
  20.   Until You Call on the Dark
  21.   How the Gods Kill
  22.   N.I.B.
  23.   Killer Wolf
  24.   Bound by Blood
  25.   She Rides by Glenn Danzig
  26.   Soul on Fire by Glenn Danzig
  27.   Thirteen
  28.   Son of the Morning Star
  29.   Sistinas
  30.   Find Somebody
  31.   With a Girl Like You
  32.   Bodies
  33.   Five Finger Crawl
  34.   Devil's Plaything
  35.   I'm the One
  36.   Tired of Being Alive
  37.   Pyre of Souls: Seasons of Pain
  38.   When the Dying Calls
  39.   Godless
  40.   Stalker Song
  41.   Dominion
  42.   Lord of the Thighs
  43.   I Don't Mind the Pain
  44.   When Death Had No Name
  45.   Action Woman
  46.   Buick McKane
  47.   Possession by Glenn Danzig
  48.   Without Light, I Am
  49.   Kiss the Skull
  50.   Heart of the Devil
  51.   Girl
  52.   Deep
  53.   Black Hell
  54.   Liberskull
  55.   Pain in the World
  56.   Crying in the Rain
  57.   Rough Boy
  58.   Rebel Spirits
  59.   Night Star Hel
  60.   Left Hand Rise Above
  61.   Hammer of the Gods
  62.   White Devil Rise
  63.   Pain Is Like an Animal
  64.   Dying Seraph
  65.   End of Time by Glenn Danzig
  66.   Invocation
  67.   Anything
  68.   Let It Be Captured
  69.   Bringer of Death
  70.   Little Whip
  71.   Am I Demon
  72.   Satan
  73.   God of Light
  74.   Trouble
  75.   Lady Lucifera
  76.   Deth Red Moon
  77.   Underbelly of the Beast
  78.   Let Yourself Go
  79.   Devil's Angels
  80.   The Revengeful
  81.   Dead Inside
  82.   Come to Silver
  83.   The Violent Fire
  84.   Do You Wear the Mark
  85.   Going Down to Die
  86.   Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
  87.   Sadistikal
  88.   Cat People
  89.   Halo Goddess Bone
  90.   Naked Witch
  91.   Satans Crucifiction