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Dark Funeral

Formed at a time when the Scandinavian metal scene was becoming flooded with bands, all striving for "true" rather than "trend" status amongst fans and peers, Sweden's Dark Funeral emerged as one of the most exciting groups in the genre. Like most artists in the early black metal scene, Dark Funeral's music was raw and powerful with a strong lyrical emphasis on Satanic imagery and anti-Christian themes. When many of their peers were starting to rely on the use of keyboards to distinguish their "evil" sound, Dark Funeral stuck to the roots of metal, avoiding synthesizers. In 1993, guitarists Lord Ahriman and Blackmoon recruited fellow Swedes Themgoroth (bass) and Draugen (drums) to form the first incarnation of Dark Funeral. Together they recorded an EP simply entitled Dark Funeral, which established them as a one of the leading black metal bands of the time. No Fashion Records signed the band in 1994 and after replacing Draugen with drummer Equimanthorn -- like most black metalers he too lacked a last name -- they went into the infamous Abyss studios to start work on their next project. It wasn't until 1996 that their second release, Secrets of the Black Arts, reached their fans. 1996 was a big year for Dark Funeral. Secrets turned out to be a major seller by black metal standards, but the band suffered a major lineup change that would leave Ahriman as the only original member. So with Lord Ahriman and his new band -- Emperor Magus Caligula (bass/vocals), Alzazmon (drums), and Typhos (guitar) -- they embarked on a European tour, their first as a headlining act. Their stage act became quite a performance. They would emerge covered in blood and corpse paint while wearing long spikes and rivets and carrying ancient weapons. The shows also included a fire-breathing Emperor Caligula and pigs' heads impaled upon upside-down crosses -- kind of a low-budget Kiss concert. In 1998, No Fashion released their second full-length album, Vobiscum Satanas. The band then brought their stage show to the U.S. for the first of two tours, supported by Metal Blade records, who released Secrets of the Black Arts and Vobiscum Satanas domestically. By 2000 the band saw more changes in the lineup, with Dominion taking a vacant guitar spot and the position of drummer becoming a rotating door. The EP Teach Your Children to Worship Satan was released just before the band was signed to Necropolis Records. In 2000, Caligula and Dominion also released an album by their side project band, Dominion Caligula, for No Fashion Records. ~ Kevin Odle
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Dark Funeral

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Dark Funeral

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Dark Funeral

  1.   Song
  2.   My Dark Desires
  3.   Satan's Mayhem
  4.   Pagan Fears
  5.   My Funeral
  6.   When Angels Forever Die
  7.   King Antichrist
  8.   Ineffable King of Darkness
  9.   Thy Legions Come
  10.   Remember the Fallen
  11.   Slava Satan
  12.   Demons of Five
  13.   The Legions Come
  14.   666 Voices Inside
  15.   Watain
  16.   Thus I Have Spoken
  17.   An Apprentice of Satan
  18.   Vobiscum Satanas
  19.   The Secrets of the Black Arts
  20.   Nail Them to the Cross
  21.   The Birth of the Vampiir
  22.   Stigmata
  23.   In My Dreams
  24.   Declaration of Hate
  25.   Angelus Exuro Pro Eternus
  26.   Angel Flesh Impaled
  27.   Atrum Regina
  28.   Godhate
  29.   Attera Totus Sanctus
  30.   Christ Fire
  31.   Devil Pig
  32.   Heart of Ice
  33.   Armageddon Finally Comes
  34.   Diabolis Interium
  35.   Goddess of Sodomy
  36.   Hail Murder
  37.   The Arrival of Satan's Empire
  38.   Call From the Grave
  39.   Equimanthorn
  40.   Open the Gates
  41.   Evil Prevail
  42.   Enriched by Evil
  43.   Satanic Blood
  44.   Shadows Over Transylvania
  45.   The Dawn No More Rises
  46.   Temple of Ahriman
  47.   An Apprentice of Satan 2000
  48.   The Trial
  49.   The Black Winged Horde
  50.   Lamb
  51.   Dark Are the Path to Eternity (A Summoning Nocturnal)
  52.   Dead Skin Mask
  53.   Bloodfrozen
  54.   Ravenna Strigoi Mortii
  55.   My Latex Queen
  56.   The Fire Eternal
  57.   Feed on the Mortals
  58.   The End of Human Race
  59.   The Dark Age Has Arrived
  60.   Final Ritual
  61.   In the Sign of the Horns
  62.   My Darkness
  63.   Secret of the Black Arts
  64.   Call from the Gave
  65.   Heinen
  66.   Headtuck
  67.   Don
  68.   Intro
  69.   Atrium Regina
  70.   Veinen
  71.   Veadtuck
  72.   Von
  73.   Slaba Satan
  74.   Black Winged Borde
  75.   The Blacked Winged Horde
  76.   Thy Legion Come
  77.   Shadows Over Translyvania
  78.   Where Shadows Forever Reign
  79.   Unchain My Soul
  80.   As One We Shall Conquer
  81.   Beast Above Man
  82.   As I Ascend
  83.   The Eternal Eclipse
  84.   To Carve Another Wound