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Schwarzenfeld, Germany's Deadlock first came into existence in 1998 but underwent numerous alterations to both their sound and personnel before arriving at a complex fusion of death and gothic metal, topped with the "beauty and the beast" vocals of Sabine Weniger and Johannes Prem for their 2001 debut album, The Arrival. The group was rounded out by guitarists Sebastian Reichl and Gert Rymen, bassist Thomas Huschka, and drummer Tobias Graf, and their follow-up efforts, Earth.Revolt (2005) and Wolves (2007), saw them incorporating electronic programming, symphonic orchestrations, and even harsher elements of black metal into their ever-evolving sound. Bassist Huschka would leave the fold the following year, citing "musical and personal differences," and was replaced by John Gahlert, who made his studio debut on 2011's Bizarro World. More lineup changes ensued, with lead screamer Prem and guitarist Rymen leaving the group in 2011 and 2013, respectively. The aptly named Arsonist, the band's sixth studio long-player and first outing for Napalm, dropped in 2013 and featured new guitarist Ferdinand Rewicki -- Gahlert would take over as the band's harsh vocalist. 2014's Re-Arrival, a collection of new recordings of previously released material, found Sebastian Reichl the only original member of the band still active -- Weniger took maternity leave the same year, and decided to make it permanent shortly thereafter. 2016's Hybris saw the debut of new clean vocalist Margie Gerlitz. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Martyr To Science
  3.   Hybris
  4.   I'm Gone
  5.   Demonic (Tonus Diabolus)
  6.   Uncivil Hands
  7.   We Shall All Bleed
  8.   Falling Skywards
  9.   Virus Jones
  10.   World Domination
  11.   The Year of the Crow
  12.   10,000 Generations in Blood
  13.   The One Who's Silent Seems To Consent
  14.   Everlasting Pain
  15.   As We Come Undone
  16.   Forgotten Youth
  17.   Code of Honor
  18.   The Great Pretender
  19.   Sometimes
  20.   Berserk
  21.   When Time Runs Out - Running Wild Cover
  22.   Crown of Creation
  23.   Harmonic
  24.   May Angels Come
  25.   Awakened by Sirens
  26.   Carbonman
  27.   A Song Full of Abhorrence In a World Without Feelings...
  28.   Picture
  29.   Gnorance
  30.   The Arsenic River
  31.   Dead City Sleepers
  32.   You Left Me Dead
  33.   State Of Decay
  34.   Earthlings
  35.   Brutal Romance
  36.   The Brave/Agony Applause
  37.   Intro
  38.   End Begins
  39.   Kingdom of the Dead
  40.   An Ocean's Monument
  41.   My Pain
  42.   Dark Cell
  43.   To Where the Skies Are Blue
  44.   With a Smile on My Face
  45.   Bloodpact
  46.   Face To Face
  47.   Paranoia Extravaganza
  48.   The End of the World
  49.   Praeludium II
  50.   Petition For Mercy
  51.   The Final Storm
  52.   Renegade
  53.   Backstory Wound
  54.   Code of Honor featuring Heaven Shall Burn
  55.   Vergebung
  56.   Ein Deutsches Requiem
  57.   Welcome Deathrow
  58.   Darkness Divine
  59.   Fight Song
  60.   Epitaph
  61.   Losers' Ballet
  62.   As Words to Bullets
  63.   What's the Use
  64.   Bizarro World
  65.   Blood Ghost
  66.   A New Era
  67.   Hurt
  68.   Broken Mirror
  69.   Wrath/Salvation
  70.   Waiting for the End of the World
  71.   The Arsonist
  72.   Small Town Boy
  73.   Awakened By Sirens 2014
  74.   Alienation
  75.   Earth Revolt
  76.   Deprivation
  77.   Htrae
  78.   More Tragedies to Come

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