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Death by Stereo

Death by Stereo is an aggressive metal/hardcore hybrid from Southern California, who took its name from a line in the 1987 vampire flick The Lost Boys. The band's lineup underwent numerous changes throughout its careeer, but the guys always persevered with a "never give up, never give in" mantra held close. After getting together in 1996 and releasing a demo and 7", Efrem Shulz (vocals), Paul Miner (bass), Jim Miner (guitar), Keith Barney (guitar) (who'd replaced original guitarist Ian Fowles), and Jarrod Alexander (drums) debuted in spring 1999 on Indecision Records with If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die. That fall, after a summer spent touring behind the record, Barney left to concentrate more time with his other bands, Throwdown and Eighteen Visions, while Alexander departed to pursue music full-time at the Berklee School of Music. Drummer Tim Bender and former Eyelid guitarist Dan Palmer signed on in their places, as the band watched their fan base quickly grow. Epitaph was watching too and soon signed them up. Death by Stereo's sophomore effort, Day of the Death, appeared in the spring of 2001; Bender exited Death by Stereo following subsequent tour dates and was replaced by Todd Hennig (Heckle, Seven Years War). Into the Valley of Death followed two years later. By 2005's Death for Life, their third album for Epitaph, the Death by Stereo lineup had shifted to include Shulz, Palmer, Henning, guitarist Tito, and Pulley bassist Tyler Rebbe. The band didn't slow down, and in March 2007, the live album Death Alive was issued through Reignition Records, recorded in Anaheim during their previous Into the Valley of Death tour. ~ MacKenzie Wilson
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Death by Stereo

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Death by Stereo

  1.   Song
  2.   Middle Fingers
  3.   Harmonic Divisor
  4.   Fear of a Brown Planet
  5.   The Last Song
  6.   Desperation Train
  7.   Much Like A Sore Dick, We Can't Be Beat
  8.   Who Should Die? You Should Die
  9.   No Cuts, Not Butts, No Coconuts
  10.   The 5th Of July
  11.   Growing Numb
  12.   Welcome To the Party
  13.   High School Was Like Boot Camp for a Desk Job
  14.   This Curse of Days
  15.   Forever and a Day
  16.   Entombed We Collide
  17.   Wake Up, You're Dead
  18.   Unstoppable
  19.   Beyond the Blinders
  20.   Wasted Words
  21.   Porno, Sex, Drugs, Lies, Money, and Your Local Government
  22.   Getting It Off My Chest
  23.   Little Fighter
  24.   Holding 60 Dollars on a Burning Bridge
  25.   We Sing Today For a Better Tomorrow
  26.   Opening Destruction
  27.   Emo Holocaust
  28.   Sing Along With the Patriotic Punks
  29.   Following Is What You Do Best!
  30.   Something's Changing
  31.   Depression Expression
  32.   WTF Is Going On Around Here?
  33.   Wake the Dead
  34.   I Got Your Back
  35.   Dead To Me
  36.   Dance Party
  37.   No Shirt, No Shoes, No Salvation
  38.   This Is Not the End
  39.   Don't Piss On My Neck And Tell Me It's Raining
  40.   WWJD
  41.   Nosotros Controlamos Todo
  42.   Forget Regret
  43.   I Give My Life
  44.   Binge/Purge
  45.   You're a Bullshit Salesman With a Mouthful of Samples
  46.   These Are a Few of My Favorite Things
  47.   Let Down and Alone
  48.   Shh It'll Be Our Little Secret
  49.   The Plague
  50.   Testosterone Makes the World Go 'Round
  51.   Lookin' Out for #1
  52.   Sow the Seeds
  53.   Hippie Holocaust
  54.   Break Down the Walls
  55.   You Can Lead a Man to Reason, But You Can't Make Him Think
  56.   From the Minds of Sick People
  57.   Please Go To Heaven Now
  58.   Death for Life
  59.   Bottled Up
  60.   Good Morning America
  61.   Flag Day
  62.   The Ballad of Sid Dynamite
  63.   Shh...This Will Be Our Little Secret
  64.   Bread For the Dead
  65.   91
  66.   D.B.S.F.U.
  67.   What I Can't Hear Touch Taste Smell Or See Can't Hurt Me
  68.   I Sing For You
  69.   For All My Friends (The Unity Song)
  70.   Get British
  71.   You Mess with One Bean, You Mess with the Whole Burrito
  72.   I Wouldn't Piss in Your Ear If Your Brain Was on Fire

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