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Death Angel


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San Francisco's Death Angel were a product of the bustling Bay Area thrash metal scene of the 1980s. Combining serious guitar crunch and speed with a fair amount of technical expertise, they created complex thrash metal filled with time changes and tricky arrangements that, although generally loved by critics, usually failed to translate beyond a very specialized buying public. But Death Angel weren't just a band, they were family. Formed in the early '80s by cousins Mark Osegueda (vocals), Rob Cavestany (lead guitar), Gus Pepa (rhythm guitar), Dennis Pepa (bass), and Andy Galeon (drums), the group was also precocious; the bandmembers recorded their 1986 Kirk Hammett-produced "Kill as One" demo while still in their teens. In fact, drummer Galeon was only 14 when Death Angel issued their first album, 1987's astoundingly mature The Ultra-Violence via Enigma Records. The following year's sophomore Frolic Through the Park offered a few slight refinements, most notably in the uncharacteristically humorous and accessible single "Bored." Signing with the Geffen Records hit factory the following year seemed like the next step toward certain stardom, and Death Angel left nothing to chance with their third album, 1990's superlative career highlight Act III. But despite benefiting from more sophisticated songwriting, greatly improved production, and an extensive world tour to support it, Act III somehow fell short of both band and label expectations. Fall from Grace, a carelessly assembled live album released by Enigma later that year, proved both ill-timed and morbidly prophetic, when Death Angel were involved in a horrific tour bus crash in Arizona. Galeon was severely injured, enduring a year of rehab during which Osegueda decided to quit music and move to New York. As for the remaining members of Death Angel, following Galeon's recovery they re-named themselves the Organization and released two albums in the early '90s through Metal Blade -- Cavestany also handling vocal duties -- before breaking up in 1995. Numerous projects followed until 2001 (most notably Cavestany, Osegueda, and Galeon's late-'90s group Swarm), when Death Angel reconvened to perform at a San Francisco benefit concert for cancer-stricken Testament singer Chuck Billy. This, in turn, led to sporadic European festival appearances and U.S. club tours that encouraged the classic Death Angel formation to reunite more permanently. Signing with Nuclear Blast and bringing in new rhythm guitarist Ted Aguilar, the band released its long-awaited fourth album, The Art of Dying, in 2004. The Archives & Artifacts box set arrived in 2005, collecting a few out of print albums and rarities, and was followed in 2008 by Killing Season, a collection of all-new tracks recorded at Dave Grohl's Studio 606. Shortly after the release of Killing Season, bassist Pepa left the band, replaced by Sammy Diosdado, an active player in the Bay Area hardcore scene at the time. Just months later, drummer Galeon also left the group, leaving Cavestany as the only remaining founding member. Galeon was replaced on tour with drummer Will Carroll and work began on 2010's full-length effort, Relentless Retribution. The group followed it in 2013 with The Dream Calls for Blood, which peaked at number 72 on the Billboard 200. In May 2016 the band dropped its eighth studio long-player, The Evil Divide. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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Death Angel

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Death Angel

  1.   Song
  2.   Seemingly Endless Time
  3.   Thicker Than Blood
  4.   The Organization
  5.   Trapped Under Ice
  6.   Voracious Souls
  7.   Thrown to the Wolves
  8.   The Ultra Violence (Introducing: Carnival Justice)
  9.   Guilty of Innocence
  10.   Sonic Beatdown
  11.   The Devil Incarnate
  12.   The Moth
  13.   Bored
  14.   Into The Arms Of Righteous Anger
  15.   Veil of Deception
  16.   This Hate
  17.   Steal the Crown
  18.   No
  19.   Road Mutants
  20.   Father of Lies
  21.   The O
  22.   Empty
  23.   Detonate
  24.   River Of Rapture
  25.   Resurrection Machine
  26.   Soulless
  27.   Prophecy
  28.   Famine
  29.   A Room With a View
  30.   Devil's Metal
  31.   Mistress of Pain
  32.   Kill as One
  33.   Hell to Pay
  34.   We Grew Up in the Bay Area Thrash Scene
  35.   Fuck You
  36.   Territorial Instinct: Bloodlust
  37.   Execution: Don't Save Me
  38.   Succubus
  39.   The Dream Calls for Blood
  40.   Son of the Morning
  41.   Left for Dead
  42.   Truce
  43.   Opponents At Sides
  44.   I Chose The Sky
  45.   Intro
  46.   When Worlds Collide
  47.   The Noose
  48.   Buried Alive
  49.   Dehumanization
  50.   Never Me
  51.   Land of Blood
  52.   Spirit
  53.   5 Steps of Freedom
  54.   Falling Asleep
  55.   Disturbing the Peace
  56.   Ex-TC
  57.   Stagnant
  58.   Discontinued
  59.   Mind Rape
  60.   Cold Gin
  61.   Confused
  62.   3rd Floor
  63.   Final Death
  64.   Open Up
  65.   Carnival Justice
  66.   Thrashers
  67.   The Electric Cell
  68.   It Can't Be This
  69.   Start
  70.   Swarm
  71.   Act III
  72.   Heaven and Hell
  73.   Fallen
  74.   Angels of Death
  75.   Where They Lay
  76.   Volcanic
  77.   Relentless Revolution
  78.   Death Of The Meek
  79.   Claws In So Deep
  80.   Absence Of Light
  81.   Dethroned
  82.   Witches Of Knave
  83.   Silent Killer
  84.   Word to the Wise
  85.   Stop
  86.   Why You Do This
  87.   Evil Priest
  88.   Let the Pieces Fall
  89.   Breakaway
  90.   Hatred United/United Hate
  91.   The Original Lineup of Death Angel
  92.   God vs. God
  93.   Lord of Hate
  94.   Caster of Shame
  95.   Cause for Alarm
  96.   Lost
  97.   Shores of Sin