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Formed in 1996, when the average age of members Sauron (vocals), Vogg (guitar), Martin (bass), and Vitek (drums) was just 14, Decapitated have quickly gained recognition as one of Poland's, and even Europe's, finest exponents of ultra-technical death metal. These talents they perfected over the course of demos Cemeterial Gardens (1997) and The Eye of Horus (1998) before signing with Earache's Wicked World imprint for the release of their 2000 debut, Winds of Creation, which in turn led to a successful bout of U.K. touring in support of grindcore merchants Lock Up. The following year's The First Damned resurrected those early demos for official release, and ever improving follow-up efforts like Nihility (2002) and The Negation (2004) have only heightened the group's international profile since. Of note, starting in 1999, Vogg and Martin have also been involved with acclaimed Polish black metal band Lux Occulta. 2005 saw the departure of vocalist Sauron, and the arrival of new singer Covan (Adrian Kowanek) who made his debut on 2006's Organic Hallucinosis, which marked the band's first outing for Earache. In 2007, after a flurry of lineup changes, tragedy struck when the band's tour bus was involved in a serious accident while en route to a show in Belarus. Drummer Vitek was killed and Covan was seriously injured, and the band went on an immediate hiatus. In 2009, determined to get the group up and running again, Vogg began looking to establish a new lineup, eventually settling on Austrian drummer Kerim "Krimh" Lechner of Thorns of Ivy, vocalist Rafał Piotrowski (Ketha), and bassist Filip "Heinrich" Hałucha (Vesania). Decapitated 2.0 made their studio debut on 2011's Nuclear Blast-issued Carnival Is Forever. 2014's Blood Mantra saw Lechner and Halucha replaced by Michał Łysejko and Paweł Pasek, respectively, and in 2017 the band issued their seventh studio long-player, Anticult. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Spheres of Madness
  3.   Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)
  4.   Mother War
  5.   Blood Mantra
  6.   Exiled In Flesh
  7.   Blessed
  8.   Earth Scar
  9.   Moth Defect
  10.   Blindness
  11.   Veins
  12.   A View from a Hole
  13.   Visual Delusion
  14.   A Poem About An Old Prison Man
  15.   Intro
  16.   The Eye of Horus
  17.   Way to Salvation
  18.   Winds of Creation
  19.   Amen
  20.   One-Eyed Nation
  21.   Kill the Cult
  22.   Never
  23.   Red Sun
  24.   Nest
  25.   Revelation on Existence 9th Trip
  26.   United
  27.   The Knife
  28.   Silence
  29.   Homo Sum
  30.   Carnival Is Forever
  31.   404
  32.   Flash B(l)ack
  33.   Invisible Control
  34.   Revelation of Existence (The Trip)
  35.   Calling
  36.   Sensual Sickness
  37.   Lying and Weak
  38.   Three-Dimensional Defect
  39.   The Fury
  40.   Cemeteral Gardens
  41.   Ereshkigal
  42.   Destiny
  43.   Symmetry of Zero
  44.   Babylon's Pride
  45.   Names
  46.   Perfect Dehumanisation (The Answer?)
  47.   The First Damned
  48.   Human's Dust
  49.   Nine Steps
  50.   Dance Macabre
  51.   Mandatory Suicide
  52.   Eternity Too Short
  53.   Deathvaluation
  54.   Impulse
  55.   Instinct
  56.   The Blasphemous Psalm To the Dummy God Creation
  57.   Spheres on Madness
  58.   Lunatic on Gods Creation
  59.   Pest
  60.   Post Organic
  61.   Day 69
  62.   Lunatic of God's Creation
  63.   Empty Throne
  64.   Long Desired Dementia
  65.   The Negation
  66.   Anger Line

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