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These Virginia-based death metalers started out in 1985 recording and circulating demos, slowly building their reputation. In 1988, original bassist Rob Sterzel was killed in a hit-and-run accident and replaced by Les Snyder. Together with guitarists Mark Adams and Mike Smith and drummer/vocalist King Fowley, Deceased became the first band to be signed to Relapse records. The single Gutwrench was released in 1991 followed by their 1992 debut album Luck of the Corpse. Less than a year later they released The 13 Frightened Souls a five-song EP that covers a wide spectrum of death, speed, and thrash metal styles. Deceased offered two more releases in 1995: Blueprints for Madness, a full-length studio album along with Death Metal from the Grave, a mix of early demos and live cuts released on Last World Records. 1997's Fearless Undead Machines brought Deceased wide critical acclaim and was followed by another critical success, Supernatural Addiction. ~ Kevin Odle
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  1.   Song
  2.   The Silent Creature
  3.   Dark Chilling Heartbeat
  4.   Frozen Screams
  5.   The Hanging Soldier
  6.   Planet Graveyard
  7.   Beyond Science
  8.   Unhuman Drama
  9.   The Blueprints For Madness
  10.   A Dose Of Reality
  11.   Morbid Shape in Black
  12.   Kindred Assembly
  13.   In the Laboratory of Joyous Gloom
  14.   Dying In Analog
  15.   After the Bloodshed
  16.   Victims of the Masterplan, Pt. 1-5: The Child Murders/Confession ...
  17.   Deathrider
  18.   New Age of Total Warfare
  19.   Reaganomics
  20.   Nuclear Exorcist
  21.   Voivod
  22.   The 13 Frightened Souls
  23.   Chambers of the Waiting Blind
  24.   A Very Familiar Stranger
  25.   The Premonition
  26.   Destiny
  27.   The Psychic
  28.   Graphic Repulsion
  29.   From the Ground They Came
  30.   Fearless Undead Machines
  31.   Contamination
  32.   Robotic Village
  33.   A Reproduction of Tragedy
  34.   Negative Darkness
  35.   Midnight
  36.   Into the Bizarre
  37.   Mind Vampires
  38.   The Creek of the Dead
  39.   The Triangle
  40.   It's Alive
  41.   A Doom-Laden Aura
  42.   Mysterious Research
  43.   The Doll With the Hideous Spirit
  44.   The Doll and the Hideous Spirit
  45.   Sick Thrash
  46.   Gutwrench
  47.   Victims of the Masterplan, Pts. 1 - 5
  48.   Cloned (Day of the Robot)
  49.   The Traumatic
  50.   Elly's Dementia
  51.   Headhunter
  52.   Off-Kilter
  53.   The Thirteen Frightened Souls
  54.   Island of the Unknown
  55.   Skin Crawling Process
  56.   Alternate Dimensions
  57.   The Mausoleum
  58.   Zombie Attack
  59.   Night of the Deceased

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