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Deep Forest

Innovatively fusing traditional ethnic musics with state-of-the-art rhythms, the work of Deep Forest was best typified by their 1993 smash "Sweet Lullaby," which brought together the contemporary sounds of ambient techno with a haunting traditional lullaby from the Solomon Islands. The project was primarily the work of the French keyboardists and programmers Eric Mouquet and Michael Sanchez; after the latter returned from Africa with boxes of records he'd picked up across the continent, he and Mouquet began sampling the native sounds for use with their atmospheric dance tracks, and with the aid of producer Dan Lacksman, their eponymous debut LP appeared in 1993. Propelled by the international hit "Sweet Lullaby," Deep Forest was a surprise success; Mouquet and Sanchez soon began work on a follow-up, this time exploring such areas as Mongolia, India, and Hungary, recording several tracks with singer Marta Sebestyen. The resulting album, Boheme, appeared in 1995; the third Deep Forest record, Comparsa, followed in 1998, with Live in Japan appearing a year later. In 2000 the duo recorded a soundtrack, Pacifique, to the French film Le Prince du Pacifique. Deep Forest returned in 2002 with its next proper studio album, Music.Detected_. A number of best of compilations were released in subsequent years, and the duo put out a soundtrack album for the Japanese motion picture, Kusa No Ran in 2004. This was followed by silence for the rest of the Noughties. Deep Forest returned in 2016 with its sixth full-length effort -- Evo Devo, an album conceptually based on the process of evolution. ~ Jason Ankeny
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Deep Forest

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Deep Forest

  1.   Song
  2.   Sweet Lullaby
  3.   Ave Maria
  4.   Deep Forest
  5.   Forest Hymn
  6.   Night Bird
  7.   The First Twilight
  8.   L' Île Invisible
  9.   Green and Blue
  10.   Ekue Ekue
  11.   Marta's Song
  12.   Amber Opening
  13.   Will You Be Ready
  14.   Deep Blue Sea
  15.   Yuki Song
  16.   Soul Elevator
  17.   Endangered Species
  18.   Night Village
  19.   La Légende, Pt. 2
  20.   Media Luna
  21.   La Lune Se Bat avec les Étoiles (Transition 2)
  22.   Earthquake (Transition 1)
  23.   Deep Weather
  24.   Boheme
  25.   Katharina
  26.   Twosome
  27.   Freedom Cry
  28.   Noonday Sun
  29.   Bohemian Ballet
  30.   Deep Folk Song
  31.   Singing With the Birds
  32.   Soweto
  33.   Mawa
  34.   Mosika Ending
  35.   Tiko
  36.   Zoulawa
  37.   Wasis
  38.   Atali Wowo
  39.   Bedi
  40.   Dub Africa
  41.   Dignity
  42.   In the Evening
  43.   Beauty in Your Eyes
  44.   Computer Machine
  45.   India
  46.   Téfaora Ne Croit Pas À la Légende
  47.   Exécution
  48.   Le Réveil de Barnabé, Pt. 1
  49.   Pacifique
  50.   The Second Twilight
  51.   White Whisper
  52.   Desert Walk
  53.   Savana Dance
  54.   Hunting
  55.   Forest Power
  56.   Tres Marias
  57.   Madazulu
  58.   Cafe Europa
  59.   Coral Lounge
  60.   How Long
  61.   Moon Light
  62.   Yelele
  63.   Le Baiser
  64.   Anasthasia
  65.   Lomo
  66.   Alaake
  67.   Mosika
  68.   Le Révolte
  69.   Elemental
  70.   La Lune Se Bat Avec les Etoiles
  71.   Comparsa
  72.   1716
  73.   Bulgarian Melody
  74.   Lament
  75.   Radio Belize
  76.   Far East
  77.   Ho Mambo
  78.   Gathering

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