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Denroy Morgan

b. c.1947, Spanish Town, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Morgan embarked on his musical career in March 1965 when he emigrated to the USA, although his initial musical experience was gleaned in Jamaica through his association with Toots Hibbert of the Maytals. Morgan is acknowledged as a pioneer of the Jamaican music industry having introduced roots rock reggae to New York City. Initially he formed a band known as Mad Creators who performed US chart hits on the live circuit. By the close of the 60s Morgan recorded his debut, ‘Cheating’, which led to the formation of the Black Eagles, who released ‘I Come From Jamaica’. The group’s varying line-up performed throughout the 80s, although in 1981 Morgan began concentrating on his children’s musical career. While he nurtured his offspring he concurrently worked with the Black Eagles who released, ‘I’ll Do Anything For You’, written by Bert Reid of Crown Heights Affair. Reid has since stated that he had been inspired to compose the hit after witnessing and being impressed with Morgan’s vocal style. The band followed the hit with the equally popular, ‘Sweet Tender Love’, which signalled a series of hits including, ‘Reggae’, ‘Last Change’ and ‘Make My Day’. In 1992, Morgan took a hiatus from recording to promote his offspring as Morgan Heritage. Morgan’s success with the group led to the formation of the Heritage Music Group label, and the heritage continued with Dredz and Miriam Morgan who later evolved into LMS. In the same year he and Morgan Heritage performed in West Africa. Having enjoyed success with his progeny, Morgan returned to his solo career and re-recorded ‘I’ll Do Anything For You’, in both reggae and hip-hop styles. The song later featured on the release of the sublime Salvation. Notable tracks on his independent debut included, ‘Words Of The Most High’, ‘What Can I Do’, ‘My Time’, and ‘God Is Man’ in combination with Morgan Heritage. While accomplishing significant success with his children, Morgan has so far been unable to emulate their achievements, although his family’s success in Africa led to him being crowned an honorary king in the district of Brokust on the Ivory Coast.
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Denroy Morgan

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Denroy Morgan

  1.   Song
  2.   I'll Do Anything For You
  3.   Why Should I by The Asaph Ministry
  4.   Addicted To Your Love (Radio)
  5.   What Can I Do
  6.   The Peace Prayer feat. The Chilites
  7.   Fire Man by The Asaph Ministry
  8.   Holy Sabbath featuring Peter "Jahpetes" Morgan
  9.   Feeling Good, Pt. 2
  10.   Salvation
  11.   Seven Chairs
  12.   Blessed Be the Ties That Bind by The Asaph Ministry
  13.   Hold onto the Good Things
  14.   Missing You
  15.   Revelation Come to Pass
  16.   Rock My Soul by The Asaph Ministry
  17.   Bath Fountain
  18.   Rastaman a Come
  19.   I'll Do Anything Remix
  20.   Around The World
  21.   Into the Light
  22.   I'm Still Holding On featuring Glenda Phillips
  23.   Link Up
  24.   Addicted To The Truth
  25.   Jesus Is Still Alive featuring Peter "Jahpetes" Morgan
  26.   Little Children featuring Noshyah "Shy Poo" Morgan
  27.   All To Sing
  28.   Columbus
  29.   Redemption
  30.   Black Out
  31.   The More We Are Together by The Asaph Ministry
  32.   Legend
  33.   Should It Be Me
  34.   Tired of Being Alone
  35.   Bear with Me
  36.   Ethiopia
  37.   In Jamaica
  38.   Theocracy Reign by The Asaph Ministry
  39.   Fire Gonna Burn
  40.   United Immigrants
  41.   Runaway Game
  42.   Read Your Bible
  43.   Human Too
  44.   True Love Got a Hold on Me
  45.   Rasta Man Is Coming
  46.   Shock Dem
  47.   Prayer To The King
  48.   The Lion of Judah by The Asaph Ministry
  49.   God Meant It for My Good featuring Glenda Phillips
  50.   Rasta Man Trod to Mount Zion featuring Peter "Jahpetes" Morgan
  51.   Forward Home
  52.   Everybody Wants to Be Somebody Else
  53.   Cheating
  54.   God Is in Man
  55.   Words of the Most High
  56.   Let Me Make Love
  57.   Make My Day
  58.   My Time
  59.   Go Before Us Jah by The Asaph Ministry
  60.   Sixty Minutes Man
  61.   Jah Rastafari
  62.   Brimstone and Fire
  63.   Feeling Good, Pt. 1

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