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Derek Sherinian

Keyboard virtuoso Derek Sherinian made a name for himself in the post-Dream Theater world of progressive metal both as a sideman and a solo artist in his own right. Sherinian grew up in California and studied at the Berklee School of Music, where he perfected his hard rock and fusion chops. He landed touring gigs with Alice Cooper and Kiss in the late '80s/early '90s, and became a full-time member of Dream Theater in September 1994. Sherinian was fired in January 1999, and shortly thereafter hooked up with the neo-prog outfit Platypus. Sherinian recorded his solo debut, Planet X, for release in 2000, and subsequently formed a band of the same name featuring drummer Virgil Donati and guitarist Tony MacAlpine. Sherinian issued his second solo album, Rhapsody in Black, in the spring of 2001. ~ Steve Huey
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Derek Sherinian

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Derek Sherinian

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Derek Sherinian

  1.   Song
  2.   Box
  3.   Derek Sherinian Keyboard Solo
  4.   Molecular Heinosity
  5.   What a Shame
  6.   Starcycle
  7.   Wings of Insanity by Zakk Wylde
  8.   Atlantis, Pt. 3: Lost Island
  9.   Emperor of the Highway
  10.   Oceana
  11.   Day of the Dead featuring Allan Holdsworth
  12.   Mata Hari
  13.   I Heard That
  14.   Five Elements
  15.   One Way or the Other
  16.   Goodbye Porkpie Hat
  17.   God of War
  18.   The Sons of Anu featuring Al Di Meola
  19.   Mike Portnoy Drum Intro/Nightmare City
  20.   Blood of the Snake
  21.   Nightmare Cinema
  22.   La Pera Loca
  23.   Seven Sins
  24.   Wings of Insanity
  25.   Inertia
  26.   Day in the Sun
  27.   Antarctica by Brett Garsed
  28.   The Sons of Anu
  29.   Frozen by Fire
  30.   In the Summertime
  31.   Man with No Name
  32.   The Sons of Anu: For the Glory of Enki/Of the Ashes of Ur/Return of ...
  33.   Mercury 7
  34.   Ascension by Brett Garsed
  35.   Atlantis, Pt. 1: Apocalypse 1470b.C.
  36.   In the Summertime
  37.   Primal Eleven
  38.   State of Delirium
  39.   A View from the Sky
  40.   On the Moon
  41.   So Far Gone by Zakk Wylde
  42.   Stony Days
  43.   Day of the Dead
  44.   Axis of Evil
  45.   Brunei Babylon
  46.   Nightmare Cinema
  47.   Blood of the Snake
  48.   Gypsy Moth by Al Di Meola
  49.   The Monsoon featuring Yngwie Malmsteen
  50.   Phantom Shuffle
  51.   The River Song
  52.   El Flamingo Suave
  53.   Astroglide
  54.   Molecular Heinosity
  55.   Prelude to Battle
  56.   The Fury
  57.   Viking Massacre
  58.   The River Song
  59.   Sweet Lament
  60.   Molecular Intro
  61.   The Lone Spaniard
  62.   Trojan Horse
  63.   Euphoria
  64.   On the Moon
  65.   Rhapsody in Black
  66.   Axis of Evil
  67.   Crab Nebulae
  68.   Trojan Horse
  69.   Evel Knievel
  70.   El Camino Diablo
  71.   Ascension
  72.   Stony Days by Steve Lukather
  73.   Alpha Burst
  74.   Frozen by Fire by Rusty Cooley
  75.   Czar of Steel
  76.   Rhapsody Intro