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Dirty Beaches

The project of Alex Zhang Hungtai, Dirty Beaches' spanned low-slung, lo-fi, post-rockabilly to ambient instrumentals. Born in Taiwan, Hungtai moved to Canada at an early age. Starting in 2005, he released a slew of albums, EPs, and cassettes on labels such as Night People and Fixture Records. Hungtai's music is equally familiar-sounding and surreal, mixing a croon worthy of Elvis or Roy Orbison with Suicide-like drum machines and a fondness for found sounds and hypnotic loops. He moved to Zoo Records for his official debut album, Badlands, which was released in early 2011. Hungtai remained busy, issuing singles on Suicide Squeeze and a split with Xiu Xiu in 2011 and 2012. He released the Water Park soundtrack on A Records in March 2013 and the double album Drifters/Love Is the Devil that May. In 2014, Hungtai announced that his album Stateless would be his last under the Dirty Beaches name. Featuring viola courtesy of Italian composer Vittorio Demarin and mixing by Dean Hurley, Stateless was released in November 2014. ~ Heather Phares
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Dirty Beaches

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Dirty Beaches

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Dirty Beaches

  1.   Song
  2.   A Hundred Highways
  3.   Casino Lisboa
  4.   Floating Underwater Watching Waves
  5.   Speedway King
  6.   Elizabeth's Theme
  7.   Alone At the Danube River
  8.   Canadian Prairies
  9.   True Blue
  10.   Woman
  11.   Lone Star
  12.   Crosses
  13.   This is Not My City
  14.   The Road
  15.   Landscapes In the Mist
  16.   Shadows
  17.   Hotel
  18.   Elli
  19.   Reconstruction Surgery
  20.   Love is the Devil
  21.   Horses
  22.   Like the Wind
  23.   Somewhere
  24.   I Dream In Neon
  25.   God Speed
  26.   Night Walk
  27.   Shangri-La
  28.   Lone Runner
  29.   Night City
  30.   Night Drive
  31.   Pacific Ocean
  32.   Tu Ne Dis Rien (Dirty Beaches)
  33.   Fast Girls
  34.   A Train
  35.   Vertigo
  36.   Neverend
  37.   Like the Ocean We Part
  38.   In the Night
  39.   Coast to Coast
  40.   I Don't Know How To Find My Way Back To You
  41.   Paris
  42.   Time Washes Away Everything
  43.   Merry Xmas Michael
  44.   Stateless
  45.   Stye Eye
  46.   Belgrade
  47.   Like Dreamers Do
  48.   Black Nylon
  49.   Good Bye Edmonton
  50.   I Know
  51.   Au Revoir Mon Visage
  52.   L Train
  53.   Tides and Shadows
  54.   Lord Knows Best
  55.   Death Valley
  56.   Berlin
  57.   Phases
  58.   Displaced
  59.   Ghost On Highway 13
  60.   Mirage Hall
  61.   Sweet 17
  62.   Low Rider
  63.   Night City Theme
  64.   Water Park Theme
  65.   Don't Let the Devil Find You
  66.   Midnight Runner
  67.   White Sand
  68.   Black Kawasaki
  69.   Greyhound At Night

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