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Dirty South

Kicking his career off as a mash-up artist, Serbian-Australian producer Dragan Roganović has released many successful EDM productions and remixes under the moniker of Dirty South. Born in Belgrade, Dragan moved with his family to Australia when he was 13. He first began making bootleg remixes of dance tracks with only a tape deck, a mixer, and a splicer at his disposal, but in 2004 he bought his first laptop computer and Dirty South was born. The Vicious Vinyl label would issue his debut single, "Sleazy," in 2005 while 2006 saw his remix of Evermore's "It's Too Late" top the Australian club charts. In 2008 his remix of Kaskade's "Sorry" was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording, while 2011 saw him nominated for the award again for his work on the Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition." The compilation Strictly Dirty South was released in 2011 as well. In 2012 he released the "City of Dreams" single in collaboration with Swedish DJ Alesso, while 2013 saw him make his official debut with the album Speed of Life. His 2014 , With You, was influenced by indie pop and was accompanied by a 38-minute film, one directed by Roganović with songs from the album as its soundtrack. ~ David Jeffries
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Dirty South

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Dirty South

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Dirty South

  1.   Song
  2.   City of Dreams
  3.   The End
  4.   Unbreakable by Sam Martin
  5.   Until the End by Joe Gil
  6.   Phazing
  7.   Follow Me by Aly-Us
  8.   Raise Your Hands featuring Danny Freakazoid
  9.   The Moment by Tim Mason
  10.   Nillionaire by Alesso
  11.   Sunset
  12.   Raise Your Hands featuring Danny Freakazoid
  13.   Bounce featuring Gregori Klosman
  14.   At Night by Shakedown
  15.   Rej
  16.   Unbreakable by Sam Martin
  17.   The Unknown by FMLYBND
  18.   Super Sounds
  19.   Areena featuring David Gausa
  20.   Free by Ultra Naté
  21.   Let It Go
  22.   Madelaine featuring Falko Richtberg
  23.   Strictly Dirty South
  24.   Shield by D. Ramirez
  25.   Minority
  26.   Smolengrad featuring Hard Rock Sofa
  27.   The Moment by Tim Mason
  28.   Areena featuring David Gausa
  29.   Flash by Green Velvet
  30.   Be Free by Live Element
  31.   Follow Me by Aly-Us
  32.   Rej by Âme
  33.   Reach by Lil' Mo' Yin Yang
  34.   Finally by Kings of Tomorrow
  35.   City of Dreams by Ruben Haze
  36.   Live Love Forever by Rudy
  37.   Walking on the Sun by Rudy
  38.   Freefallin' by Gita Lake
  39.   Gods
  40.   One Look by David Tort
  41.   Lise by Arno Cost
  42.   Madelaine featuring Falko Richtberg
  43.   Smolengrad featuring Hard Rock Sofa
  44.   Nillionaire by Alesso
  45.   Airsteala by Jeremy Olander
  46.   Be Free
  47.   Finally by Kings of Tomorrow
  48.   We Are
  49.   Open Your Heart