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A long-lived British hardcore band cited as a key influence by artists including Metallica and Anthrax, Discharge were formed in 1977 by singer Terry "Tez" Roberts, his twin brother and guitarist Tony "Bones" Roberts, bassist Roy "Rainy" Wainwright, and drummer Hacko. New frontman Kelvin "Cal" Morris was recruited as the decade drew to its close, with Tez moving to drums as a replacement for the exiting Hacko. The first band signed to the newly formed Clay Records label, Discharge issued their debut EP, Realities of War, in March of 1980, followed later that year by two more EPs, Fight Back and Decontrol. Tez left the lineup soon after, and after recording the Why 12" with temporary drummer Bambi, Discharge named Garry Maloney their permanent skinsman in time to record 1981's Never Again, which reached the number 64 spot on the U.K. pop charts. In 1982, Discharge finally issued their long-awaited full-length debut, Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing, which reached the Top 40; a U.S. tour followed, and upon returning home, the group recorded a new single, "State Violence, State Control." Bones then left to form his own unit, Broken Bones, and was replaced by guitarist Peter "Pooch" Pyrtle for the EP Warning: Her Majesty's Government Can Seriously Damage Your Health. In the wake of another 7", "The More I See," both Pyrtle and Maloney departed; the singles collection Never Again followed in 1984, and with new guitarist Les "The Mole" Hunt and drummer Nick Haymaker, Discharge released "Ignorance" a year later. Maloney returned to the fold for the 1986 LP Grave New World, which also featured new guitarist Stephen Brooks. Wainwright was the next to go, and Discharge spent the next several years in limbo, occasionally releasing live material from their heyday. Finally, in 1991 the group returned with a new album, Massacre Divine, followed by Shootin' Up the World. By 1997, the classic lineup of Cal, Bones, Rainy, and Tez had re-formed; around that same time, a tribute album titled Discharged celebrated the band's continuing influence. Similarly, Metallica's 1998 collection Garage, Inc. featured two Discharge covers -- "Free Speech for the Dumb" and "The More I See." Time would go by before Discharge made any new music, but in 2002 they released an eponymous album featuring the original lineup. With original vocalist Cal dropping out of touring, the Varukers' Anthony "Rat" Martin stepped in. The band returned to the studio to record its sixth album, 2008's Disensitise -- this time without drummer Tez, who was replaced by Dave Caution -- which saw the four-piece returning to its earlier punk sound. The Propaganda Feeds EP appeared in 2011, and a year later the group released a split single with Off with Their Heads. By 2014 Martin was replaced by vocalist JJ, while original drummer Tez returned to the band, this time playing rhythm guitar and making the group a five-piece for the first time. At the end of 2015, Discharge announced they had signed with Nuclear Blast and were readying their seventh studio album. Preceded by the single "Hatebomb," the album End of Days was released in May of 2016. ~ Jason Ankeny
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  1.   Song
  2.   Decontrol
  3.   Realities of War
  4.   Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
  5.   Drunk with Power
  6.   The Nightmare Continues
  7.   Blood of the Innocent
  8.   The Price of Silence
  9.   Under My Feet
  10.   You Have the Gun
  11.   But After the Gig
  12.   Hatebomb
  13.   Fight Back
  14.   Living In The City
  15.   Sweet Suburban Dreams
  16.   Legacy You Left Behind
  17.   Will Deceive You
  18.   CCTV
  19.   Hype Overload
  20.   Massacre of Innocents (Air Attack)
  21.   Q: And Children A: And Children
  22.   The Possibility of Life's Destruction
  23.   I Don't Care
  24.   The More I See
  25.   New World Order
  26.   Accessories by Molotov
  27.   You Take Part in Creating the System
  28.   Ain't No Feeble Bastard
  29.   Web of Disadvantage
  30.   Propaganda Feeds
  31.   Corpse of Decadence Remix
  32.   Never Again
  33.   False Flag Entertainment
  34.   Do Or Die
  35.   War Is Hell
  36.   No TV Sketch
  37.   After the Gig
  38.   No Return
  39.   Spoils of War
  40.   Becomes Again and Again
  41.   M.A.D.
  42.   Corpse of Decadence
  43.   Accessories by Molotov Remix
  44.   You
  45.   A Look of Tomorrow
  46.   Is This to Be?
  47.   Mania for Conquest
  48.   A Look at Tomorrow
  49.   Meanwhile
  50.   The Final Blood Bath
  51.   Cries of Help
  52.   A Hell on Earth
  53.   Does This System Work
  54.   Visions of War
  55.   Why
  56.   The Blood Runs Red
  57.   I Won't Subscribe