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The Disco Biscuits

A jam band active since 1995, the Disco Biscuits play a distinct blend of rock, techno, jazz, soul, blues, and classical music that quickly took them to the upper echelon of the jam-roots-groove scene. Jon "The Barber" Gutwillig, Marc Brownstein, Sam Altman, and Aron Magner met on the University of Pennsylvania campus and formed the Disco Biscuits there in late 1995. They started out with frat party gigs all over Philly, but quickly moved to the nightclub scene. In 1996 they released their indie debut, Encephalous Crime. In addition to their own shows, they toured in support of Merl Saunders, the Black Crowes, the Jerry Garcia Band, and Morphine. Their highly danceable style -- guitarist/lead vocalist Jon Gutwillig has declared that the goal of the group is to create the wildest (or craziest) music of all time -- has been dubbed "trance fusion" and has drawn some comparisons to Frank Zappa (even though the bandmembers themselves don't hear it). They've been known to break into a classical piece -- or a slice of classic jazz -- in the middle of an extended rock jam. The Disco Biscuits' songs are written for the live show and a record then results -- not the other way around. The band was signed to Hydrophonics Records in 1998 and then released its second CD, The Uncivilized Area. Their third, They Missed the Perfume, hit the streets in 2001. With the group continually growing into a more adventurous combo as time went by, the more organic Señor Boombox came out in the fall of 2002. Altman left the group in 2005, but the band, with replacement drummer Allen Aucoin, continued to play (as well as curate its own successful electronic music festival, Camp Bisco), releasing two live albums: the two-disc The Wind at Four to Fly and the single-disc Rocket 3 in 2006. In 2009 the Disco Biscuits began recording their fifth studio album. ~ Ann Wickstrom
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The Disco Biscuits

Top Songs by
The Disco Biscuits

  1.   Song
  2.   Loose Change
  3.   Hope
  4.   Basis for a Day
  5.   Caterpillar
  6.   Triumph
  7.   Float Like a Butterfly
  8.   You and I
  9.   Widgets
  10.   Sweatbox
  11.   Magellan
  12.   Crickets
  13.   Wet
  14.   Voices Insane
  15.   World Is Spinning
  16.   Sound One
  17.   Haleakala Crater
  18.   Rain Song
  19.   Story of the World
  20.   Sweating Bullets
  21.   Kitchen Mitts
  22.   The Tunnel
  23.   Floodlights
  24.   Pat and Dex
  25.   Mindless Dribble
  26.   Highwire
  27.   Quad D
  28.   On Time
  29.   Konkrete
  30.   Fish Out of Water
  31.   Big Wrecking Ball
  32.   Frog Legs
  33.   Hope II
  34.   Floes
  35.   Jigsaw Earth
  36.   Morph Dusseldorf
  37.   Über Glue
  38.   Little Shimmy in a Conga Line
  39.   Spy
  40.   Spacebirdmatingcall
  41.   The City
  42.   I-Man
  43.   Portal to an Empty Head
  44.   Bombs
  45.   Little Betty Boop
  46.   Lunar Pursuit
  47.   M80
  48.   In the Sky
  49.   I Remember When...
  50.   Awol's Blues
  51.   Jamillia
  52.   Great Abyss
  53.   Neck Romancer
  54.   Catalyst
  55.   Aceetobee
  56.   Mirrors
  57.   Spraypaint
  58.   Home Again
  59.   Gimme Three Steps
  60.   Vacation
  61.   M.E.M.P.H.I.S.
  62.   Vassillios
  63.   Sugarcane
  64.   Sprawl
  65.   We Like to Party

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