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Longtime proponents of the grinding, powerful sound of no-frills Swedish death metal, Dismember was originally formed in Stockholm in 1988 as a power trio featuring vocalist/bassist Robert Sennebäck, guitarist David Blomqvist, and drummer Fred Estby. The group recorded a couple of demo tapes, but went on hiatus in late 1989 when Estby left to join Carnage; Blomqvist played with Entombed as a bassist, then joined Carnage as a second guitarist during the recording of their 1991 debut. However, Carnage imploded when guitarist Michael Amott departed to join Carcass, so Blomqvist, Estby, and Carnage vocalist Matti Karki reconvened Dismember and recorded a demo early in 1991. Sennebäck returned a short time later, and new bassist Richard Cabeza (formerly of Carbonized) was also added to the lineup. Dismember signed with Nuclear Blast and issued their debut album, Like an Ever Flowing Stream, in May 1991. The band toured heavily behind the record, also releasing a five-track EP titled Pieces in 1992; that same year, Dismember successfully defended themselves from an obscenity charge in the U.K. stemming from the song "Skin Her Alive." The experience informed the graphic Indecent and Obscene, which was released in 1993 and displayed a partial move toward melodicism, although Dismember's sound still echoed the unearthly heaviness of early Entombed. 1995's Massive Killing Capacity continued to refine the group's style, and helped make the band more visible in the death metal underground. 1997's Death Metal made clear that Dismember's basic Swedish death sound wasn't going to be altered all that much. Cabeza left the band before the recording of 2000's Hate Campaign, which featured Mercyful Fate bassist Sharlee D'Angelo. ~ Steve Huey
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    Death Metal
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  1.   Song
  2.   Beyond Good & Evil
  3.   On Frozen Fields
  4.   Dreaming in Red
  5.   Of Fire
  6.   Skin Her Alive
  7.   Live for the Fear of Pain
  8.   Intro
  9.   Dark Depths
  10.   Ceremonical Comedy
  11.   Reborn in Blasphemy
  12.   Bleed for Me
  13.   Deranged from Blood
  14.   Silent Are the Watchers
  15.   Killing Compassion
  16.   Trendkiller
  17.   Europa Burns
  18.   Massive Killing Capacity
  19.   Retaliate
  20.   To End It All
  21.   Pieces
  22.   Sorrow Filler
  23.   Overide
  24.   Beyond the Unholy Grave (Death Cover)
  25.   Wardead
  26.   To the Bone
  27.   Hill 112
  28.   Mistweaver
  29.   9th Circle
  30.   Fleshless
  31.   Case # Obscene
  32.   The Hills Have Eyes
  33.   Live to Hate
  34.   Hate Campaign
  35.   Dismembered
  36.   Legion
  37.   Torn Apart
  38.   In Death's Cold Embrace
  39.   Patrol 17
  40.   Bred for War
  41.   Soon to Be Dead
  42.   Unhealing Scars
  43.   Collection by Blood
  44.   Misanthropic
  45.   Skinfather
  46.   Life, Another Shape of Sorrow
  47.   Black Sun
  48.   Thanatology
  49.   Death Conquers All
  50.   I Saw Them Die
  51.   Questionable Ethics
  52.   Crime Divine
  53.   Under a Blood Red Sky
  54.   Justifiable Homicide (Bonus Track)
  55.   Nenia
  56.   Eviscerated (Bitch)
  57.   Enslaved of Bitterness
  58.   Casket Garden
  59.   Hallucigenia
  60.   Tide of Blood
  61.   Sorrowfilled
  62.   Bleeding Over
  63.   Souldevourer
  64.   When Hatred Killed the Light
  65.   Let the Napalm Rain
  66.   No Honor in Death
  67.   Stillborn Ways
  68.   I Wish You Hell
  69.   Mutual Animosity
  70.   On Frozen Fields/Shadowlands
  71.   Combat Fatigue
  72.   Carnal Tomb
  73.   Suicidal Revelations

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