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The New England band Dispatch is comprised Brad Corrigan, Pete Heimbold, and Chad Urmston, who first got together while attending Middlebury College in Vermont. The young band debuted in 1996 with Silent Steeples and returned a year later with Bang Bang. Both albums displayed the trio's three-part harmonies and cheeky, college-friendly mix of Barenaked Ladies-style acoustic pop and folk-rock, with some reggae and funk influences tossed in for good measure. June 2000 saw the release of Four-Day Trials, a fan-friendly album of first takes and live favorites that featured a jammy take on the Beastie Boys' "Root Down." Who Are We Living For? followed that October, and was marked by a protest song vibe to go with the normal round of good-time grooves. By this point, Dispatch had built a sizable East Coast following due to frequent university gigs and a strong Internet presence. The buzz secured the band some national modern rock airplay of the reggae-tinged single "Open Up." They returned in 2001 with Gut the Van, which enjoyed national distribution through the Digital Club Network online store and showcased the band's energetic live act. In 2003, however, the bandmates announced their amicable decision to split up; the following year, Dispatch played what was said to be the band's final concert, a free show that drew upwards of 110,000 fans to the Hatch Shell in Boston. The live album All Points Bulletin documented the event, and the three members subsequently disbanded to pursue other ventures. Fans didn't have to wait long for a reunion, however, as Dispatch reunited in the summer of 2007 for a string of benefit concerts. A CD/DVD package, Dispatch: Zimbabwe: Live at Madison Square Garden, was released to commemorate the shows. In 2011, the band announced that they would be reuniting, playing a series of shows across the United States. Together again, Dispatch released Circles Around the Sun, an album produced by Peter Katis (Interpol, Jonsi, the National), which found the band exploring an expansive new sound after their ten-year hiatus. It was followed in 2013 by the double-disc live album Ain’t No Trip to Cleveland, Vol. 1. The band then retreated into the studio to begin work on their next album, taking time out to play their second headlining show at Madison Square Garden in July of 2015. That studio effort, America, Location 12, was released in June 2017, and Dispatch set out on tour in support, playing a string of dates in the United States (with Guster) and Europe (with Current Swell). ~ Johnny Loftus
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  1.   Song
  2.   Flying Horses
  3.   The General
  4.   Open Up
  5.   Carry You
  6.   Bats in the Belfry
  7.   Melon Bend
  8.   Only the Wild Ones
  9.   Circles Around the Sun
  10.   Two Coins
  11.   Mission
  12.   Drive
  13.   10 Ft., 5 Ft., Bag 'Em
  14.   Valentine
  15.   Beto
  16.   Hubs
  17.   Elias
  18.   Ghost Town
  19.   Out Loud
  20.   Curse+Crush
  21.   Water Stop
  22.   Midnight Lorry
  23.   Mayday
  24.   Atticus Cobain
  25.   Gone
  26.   Railway
  27.   WindyLike
  28.   Bound by Love
  29.   Not Messin'
  30.   Con Man
  31.   Con Man
  32.   Camilo
  33.   Other Side
  34.   Bulls on Parade
  35.   Riddle
  36.   Cut It Ya Match It
  37.   Passerby
  38.   Hey... Hey...
  39.   Past the Falls
  40.   Steeples
  41.   Here We Go
  42.   Rice Water
  43.   Be Gone
  44.   Painted Yellow Lines
  45.   Begin Again
  46.   Skin the Rabbit
  47.   Mother & Child Reunion
  48.   Fats
  49.   Feels So Good
  50.   Never or Now
  51.   Flag
  52.   Josaphine
  53.   Sign of the Times
  54.   Get Ready Boy
  55.   Beto
  56.   Customs
  57.   Craze
  58.   5/4
  59.   Dem Shoes
  60.   Whaddya Wannabe
  61.   Fallin'
  62.   Ride a Tear
  63.   Spades
  64.   Cover This
  65.   Bullet Holes
  66.   Blood
  67.   Headlights
  68.   Prince of Spades
  69.   Lightning
  70.   Even
  71.   Time Served
  72.   Everybody Clap
  73.   Walk With You
  74.   Bridges
  75.   Bang Bang
  76.   Whirlwind
  77.   Questioned Apocalypse
  78.   Born Normal
  79.   Just Like Larry
  80.   Turn This Ship Around
  81.   Broken American
  82.   Melon Bend
  83.   Broken American
  84.   Seasons, Movement 3
  85.   Douggie Maximus
  86.   5/4 Here We Go
  87.   Parade Speed
  88.   Granite
  89.   How Now?
  90.   D. Bite
  91.   Root Down
  92.   Carnival
  93.   The Way It Goes
  94.   Wide Right Turns
  95.   What Do You Wanna Be
  96.   Father Christmas