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Gothenburg, Sweden-based death metal outfit Dissection were formed in 1989 by singer/guitarist Jon Nödtveidt and bassist Peter Palmdahl; with the addition of drummer Ole Öhman the following spring, the group recorded its first demo, The Grief Prophecy. Following the 1991 Corpsegrinder single "Into Infinite Obscurity," Dissection recorded a second demo named The Somberlain, which resulted in a contract with No Fashion Records and their first album (also titled The Somberlain, but also featuring second guitarist John Zwetsloot) in late 1993. Johan Norman replaced Zwetsloot for the follow-up, 1995's Storm of the Light's Bane, but then, in July of 1997, Nödtveidt and a friend were charged with the brutal murder of an Algerian homosexual. Both were convicted and Nödtveidt received an eight-year sentence, bringing about the end of Dissection. Öhman formed a new group called Reaper, and the release of a rarities collection, The Past is Alive, in 1998 felt like the band's last rites. But the ensuing long silence was eventually broken by 2003's Live Legacy box set, and Nödtveidt's release a year later allowed him to finally revive the Dissection name, starting with the two-song Maha Kali EP (part of which was recorded while he was still in jail). A potential collaboration with former Emperor drummer Bard Faust didn't work out, but by late 2005, Nödtveidt had assembled a new Dissection lineup out of guitarist Set Teitan (see also Aborym), bassist Brice Leclercq (of Nightrage), and drummer Tomas Asklund (ex-Dark Funeral). This foursome recorded Dissection's well-received third studio album, Reinkaos, which was issued in May 2006 by The End Records, and seemed to confirm the band's triumphant rebirth -- later documented on the aptly named Rebirth of Dissection in-concert DVD. However, Dissection's summer tour plans were abruptly cut short, and it was announced that the band would split up following a final string of U.S. dates, which were subsequently canceled due to difficulties obtaining an entry visa because of his criminal record. And then, even while fans were still coming to grips with their disappointment, news began spreading across the Internet that the 31-year-old Nödtveidt had committed suicide with a gunshot to the head, surrounded by candles in his Stockholm, Sweden, apartment, sometime around August 16, 2006. Shortly before the suicide, Nödtveidt is said to have sent farewell letters to his father and several friends and acquaintances -- one of which reportedly read, "I'm going away for a long, long time. I'm going to Transylvania." ~ Jason Ankeny & Eduardo Rivadavia
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    Death Metal
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  1.   Song
  2.   Dark Mother Divine
  3.   Starless Aeon
  4.   Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane
  5.   Maha Kali
  6.   Night's Blood
  7.   Soulreaper
  8.   Thorns of Crimson Death
  9.   Black Dragon
  10.   Where Dead Angels Lie
  11.   The Soberlain
  12.   Suffocating Syndrom
  13.   Life for Lie
  14.   Mistress of the Bleeding Snow
  15.   Internal Fire
  16.   Reinkaos
  17.   God of Forbidden Light
  18.   Chaosophia
  19.   Beyond the Horizon
  20.   Intro - At the Fathomless Depths
  21.   Heaven's Damnation
  22.   Crimson Towers
  23.   The Somberlain
  24.   Son of Mourning
  25.   A Land Forlorn
  26.   Born in Fire
  27.   Satanized
  28.   The Call of the Mist
  29.   Into Infinite Obscurity
  30.   In the Cold Winds of Nowhere
  31.   Mistress of the Bleeding Sorrow
  32.   Shadows Over a Lost Kingdom
  33.   Frozen
  34.   No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep
  35.   Unhallowed
  36.   At the Fathomless Depths
  37.   Son of the Mourning
  38.   Feathers Fell
  39.   Antichrist
  40.   Into the Light
  41.   Black Horizons
  42.   Elisabeth Bathori
  43.   Dark Mother Dipine
  44.   Pyramid of Hate
  45.   Oppression
  46.   Inferi
  47.   Born to Die
  48.   Abolition
  49.   Feper-I-Set
  50.   Severed into Shreds
  51.   Nexion 218
  52.   In Front of the Wall
  53.   Intro
  54.   The Grief Prophecy/Shadows Over a Lost Kingdom

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