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Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal was one of the U.K.'s most prominent music subjects during the latter half of 2003. Just a few months prior to winning his country's Mercury Prize -- for Boy in da Corner, his debut album -- his name was known only by his peers and devout followers of the garage scene. Though the innovative MC/producer was only 18 at the time of the album's release, there was plenty to talk about beyond his music. Born Dylan Mills, Dizzee Rascal grew up in a council estate in East London and was raised an only child by his mother. He didn't fare well in school -- he was booted from several of them, often for altercations with teachers. When he wasn't in school, he got himself into more trouble by robbing pizza deliverers and stealing cars. One particular music class, however, proved to be a safe haven and helped push him in an alternate direction. With support from his instructor, he began making his own productions on a classroom computer. He made noisy, off-kilter tracks to back his own MC'ing, since he found that the average garage track unsuitable for his style of delivery. Taking cues from a host of admired U.S. MCs, Mills began to develop his songwriting skills, which took on an increasingly introspective quality. He was no stranger to making boastful pronouncements, but he drew from his own life and various mind states in a way that few other MCs -- regardless of background and nationality -- had done before. When Mills recorded the underground white-label single "I Luv U," he had just started to make a name for himself in the U.K. garage scene as a member of Roll Deep Crew. He, his fellow crew members, and a cast of other groups and MCs were building on a more aggressive and abrasive offshoot of relatively slick, R&B-oriented garage that would come to be referred to as grime. "I Luv U" became one of grime's key singles and paved the way for Mills' first full-length album, which was routinely praised by critics upon initial release in July of 2003. In what might have initially seemed like a press stunt to cynics, Mills was stabbed several times while visiting Ayia Napa, a resort in Cyprus, just before its street date. He made a safe recovery, picked up the 2003 Mercury Prize a couple months later, guested on Basement Jaxx's Kish Kash, and saw his album receive a U.S. release in January of 2004. He became more of an underground sensation stateside; Anglophiles with equal love for dance music and hip-hop tended to embrace him, while others found themselves baffled by all of the hype. In September of 2004, Dizzee released Showtime worldwide, followed by Maths and English in 2007. Between the release of the two albums, he set up a fledgling label for younger talent called Dirtee Stank. In 2009, he returned with Tongue N' Cheek, which featured the U.K. number one singles "Bonkers" (with Armand Van Helden), "Dance wiv Me," "Holiday," and "Dirtee Disco." In 2010, Dizzee Rascal won the Brit Award for Best British Male Artist, while a collaboration with Shakira for the single "Loca" saw the rapper enter the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 for the first time. Jessie Ware, Robbie Williams,, and others landed on 2013's The Fifth, a more pop-infused album that featured the single "Superman." The next few years were relatively quiet for Mills until 2016, when his estranged friend and fellow rapper Wiley disclosed what happened all those years ago in Ayia Napa. Wiley attributed some of the blame for Mills' stabbing to his own behavior, and unsurprisingly, Dizzee Rascal hit the headlines again. By the summer of 2017, the focus had turned back to Dizzee's music rather than his backstory when he released the single "Spaced" and announced his first record in four years. His sixth studio album, Raskit, was due to be released that same summer through Dirtee Stank Recordings and Island Records. ~ Andy Kellman
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Dizzee Rascal

  1.   Song
  2.   Hype
  3.   Dance Wiv Me
  4.   Space
  5.   Holiday
  6.   Fix Up, Look Sharp
  7.   Road Rage
  8.   Bonkers
  9.   Bubbles
  10.   Flex
  11.   Dirtee Cash
  12.   Sirens
  13.   Hardback (Industry)
  14.   Where's Da G's
  15.   Pussyole (Old Skool)
  16.   World Outside
  17.   U Can't Tell Me Nuffin'
  18.   Da Feelin'
  19.   Stand Up Tall
  20.   Suk My Dick
  21.   Excuse Me Please
  22.   Bassline Junkie
  23.   Do It
  24.   Round We Go
  25.   Heart of a Warrior by Teddy Sky
  26.   Wanna Be
  27.   Spend Some Money by Tinie Tempah
  28.   Goin' Crazy
  29.   Cut 'Em Off
  30.   I Don't Need a Reason by Mampi Swift
  31.   Pagans
  32.   Something Really Bad
  33.   I Don't Need A Reason
  34.   Marks Outta Ten
  35.   Can't Tek No More
  36.   That’s Not My Name
  37.   Paranoid
  38.   Imagine
  39.   Dream
  40.   Hype Talk
  41.   Hold Ya Mouf by GodsGift
  42.   Sittin' Here
  43.   Respect Me
  44.   Superman
  45.   Seems 2 Be
  46.   Watch Your Back
  47.   Arse Like That by Sean Kingston
  48.   Chillin' wiv Da Man Dem
  49.   H-Town featuring Bun B
  50.   Doin It Big
  51.   Stop Dat
  52.   Couple Of Stacks
  53.   Good by Angel
  54.   Good by Angel
  55.   Bang Bang
  56.   Something Really Bad
  57.   Life Keeps Moving On
  58.   Love This Town by Teddy Sky
  59.   Good by Angel
  60.   We Don't Play Around by Jessie J
  61.   Here 2 China
  62.   You Got the Dirtee Love Featuring Florence Welch
  63.   Give U More
  64.   Money, Money
  65.   Leisure
  66.   Freaky Freaky
  67.   Bad Behaviour
  68.   Temptation
  69.   Fickle
  70.   Flyin'
  71.   Girls
  72.   Knock, Knock
  73.   Face
  74.   Learn
  75.   Graftin'
  76.   Everywhere
  77.   Showtime
  78.   Live O
  79.   Jezebel
  80.   Wot U On
  81.   Jus a Rascal
  82.   2 Far by Wiley
  83.   I Luv U
  84.   Nuffin Love
  85.   Dirtee Disco
  86.   Trapped
  87.   Get By
  88.   Brand New Day
  89.   Get By