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Dntel (aka Jimmy Tamborello) produces music that merges the worlds of indie rock and electronica. Tamborello was a guitarist in the emocore group Strictly Ballroom and also a member of techno-poppers Figurine. In addition, he did time in the southern California groups Further and the Tyde. Tamborello originally started working as Dntel in 1994. Tracks he produced between 1995 and 1997 were released on the Phthalo label in 1999 as Early Works for Me If It Works for You. This was followed by the 2000 release of an EP that had been recorded back in 1994 called Something Always Goes Wrong. The melancholy, often haunting, and electronica-heavy effort Life Is Full of Possibilities arrived in 2002 on Plug Research Records. It featured contributions from Chris Gunst (Beachwood Sparks, ex-Strictly Ballroom), Rachel Haden (that dog.), and Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), among others. Tamborello moved to Sub Pop, also home to his other very successful project, the Postal Service, for Dntel's 2007 album Dumb Luck, which featured Gibbard, Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst, and many other indie stars. The three-disc 2009 release Early Works for Me If It Works for You II compiled the original Early Works for Me and Something Always Goes Wrong with outtakes. 2012 saw the third album of proper newly prepared material with Aimlessness. The full-length album again featured cameo vocalists over Tamborello's twitchy beats, guests this time around being likeminded indie-electro artists Nite Jewel and Baths. In 2014, he released Human Voice, an album which, ironically, didn't include any of the guest vocalists that had been commonplace on earlier Dntel releases. ~ Erik Hage
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  2.   (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan
  3.   Dumb Luck
  4.   Afer Ventus
  5.   A Day Without Rain
  6.   Aldebaran
  7.   Anywhere Anyone
  8.   Caribbean Blue
  9.   In Which Our Hero Begins His Long and Arduous Ques
  10.   Breakfast in Bed
  11.   Last Songs
  12.   Roll On
  13.   Umbrella
  14.   Life Is Full of Possibilities
  15.   In Which Our Hero Frees the Damsel in Distress
  16.   This Is How It Will Be All Over
  17.   Ender
  18.   In Which Our Hero Is Put Under a Spell
  19.   Why I'm So Unhappy
  20.   Mini
  21.   Dreams
  22.   Deidreadh An Tuath
  23.   Doc
  24.   Trudge
  25.   One By One
  26.   On Your Shore
  27.   Boadicea
  28.   Don't Try
  29.   Soft Alarm
  30.   Sorry
  31.   Paper Landscape
  32.   The Distance
  33.   Incomplete 1
  34.   After Parties
  35.   Leed
  36.   Pliesex Sielking
  37.   Bay Loop
  38.   In Which Our Hero Dodges Bullets and Swords
  39.   Bright Night
  40.   Through the Murk
  41.   Incomplete 4
  42.   Santa Ana Winds
  43.   Incomplete 2
  44.   Moody
  45.   Fear of Corners
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