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Don Ross

Canadian guitarist Don Ross has earned an impressive reputation for himself in the music world, both for his guitar composition and his techniques. He has even been listed by some as one of the world's top guitarists. Ross was born in 1960. He inherited his love of music from his mother and father. When Ross was eight years old, he began his self-taught study of music on the acoustic guitar. A couple of years later he was skilled enough to try different fingerstyle techniques. In 1983, Ross graduated from York University. Three years later, he began to seriously work toward a professional career in music. In late 1988, Ross won the United States National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship. A short time later, he signed a contract with the Duke Street Records label. Over the next few years, Ross recorded three albums: Bearing Straight, Three Hands, and a self-titled release. This Dragon Won't Sleep was the next full-length recording Ross completed. This time he was working under the Sony Music label. The album hit the market in 1995. A year later he fished a holiday album, Wintertide: Guitar Music for Christmas. That same year, Ross won the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship again. The first win was a major accomplishment, but what made this second win even more extraordinary was that Ross was the first to ever win the prestigious championship twice. In 1997, Ross pleased his fans once more with another album, Loaded. Leather. Moonroof. It was followed in 1999 by Passion Session. Huron Street appeared on Narada two years later. ~ Charlotte Dillon
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Don Ross

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Don Ross

  1.   Song
  2.   Zarzuela
  3.   Obrigado (Egberto)
  4.   It's Fun Being Lucky
  5.   Klimbim
  6.   Kehewin
  7.   Island of Women
  8.   Hoover The Musical Dog
  9.   Run, Don't Walk
  10.   From France To India
  11.   Crazy/Michael, Michael, Michael
  12.   Tight Trite Night
  13.   Spirit of the West
  14.   Robot Monster
  15.   Catherine
  16.   Midnight March
  17.   In From the Cold
  18.   Three Hands
  19.   Blue Bear
  20.   Give Me Seven Reasons
  21.   Rylynn
  22.   Little Giants
  23.   Klimbim
  24.   Sugar
  25.   39 Weeks
  26.   The First Ride
  27.   Seven Seven Four
  28.   Black Chandelier
  29.   A Million Brazilian Civilians
  30.   Everybody Lies
  31.   August On The Island
  32.   Silversmith
  33.   New Aaron
  34.   Stop Driving, Start Playing
  35.   Red Ships Take Off In The Distance
  36.   With You in Mind
  37.   Dreamcatcher
  38.   Goodbye Kelly Goodbye
  39.   Dracula and Friends, Pt. 2
  40.   Elevation Music
  41.   Lucy Watusi
  42.   Wall of Glass
  43.   King Street Suite
  44.   Thin Air
  45.   No Goodbyes
  46.   Tight Trite Night
  47.   Afraid to Dance
  48.   Groovy Sunflowers
  49.   So Little Time
  50.   Marie
  51.   This Dragon Won't Sleep
  52.   Crazy
  53.   Goby Fish
  54.   Oh Baby
  55.   Leger de Main
  56.   Carolan's Quarrel
  57.   3 Hands
  58.   Betcha by Golly Wow
  59.   Mama Just Wants to Barrelhouse All Night Long
  60.   Spirit Wars
  61.   Bluefinger
  62.   Slow Burn
  63.   The Is - Ought Controversy
  64.   Patmos
  65.   Self Portrait
  66.   Ebon Coast
  67.   Ouray
  68.   So Much Time
  69.   The Thing That Came from Somewhere
  70.   Bubble Radio
  71.   I Think of You
  72.   The Upright and Locked Position
  73.   Michael, Michael, Michael
  74.   That'll Be the Phone
  75.   Big Buck
  76.   Annie and Martin
  77.   Zarazuela
  78.   With You in Mind
  79.   Wall of Glass
  80.   Hoover the Musical Dog
  81.   June
  82.   Because It's There
  83.   Cup of Pop
  84.   Enka
  85.   Pacing The Cage
  86.   Loaded Leather Moonroof
  87.   Corvos
  88.   A Child Must Grow
  89.   Voyageur
  90.   Berkley Springs
  91.   Dolphins
  92.   Fader Jones

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