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Down are an all-star heavy metal side project whose original lineup consisted of members from Pantera (singer Phil Anselmo), Corrosion of Conformity (guitarist Pepper Keenan), and Crowbar (guitarist Kirk Windstein, bassist Todd Strange, and drummer Jimmy Bower). Formed in the mid-'90s when Pantera were on a brief break (between their Far Beyond Driven and The Great Southern Trendkill releases), the quartet's members had been longtime friends and decided to break up their downtime (hence their name). The EastWest label issued Down's 1995 debut, NOLA, an abbreviation for New Orleans, where all the group's original members came from. While many assumed that the band would specialize in over the top, extreme metal, it contained more elements of classic rock than the members' usual bands (a prime influence of the group being Black Sabbath). The album eventually went platinum in America, but after a supporting tour wrapped up, little was heard from the group; the members had returned to their full-time projects, leading many to assume that Down were a one-off. But Anselmo, Keenan, and Bower reconvened to work on new material in 2001, with Pantera bassist Rex Brown taking Strange's spot in the lineup. March 2002 saw the release of Down's long-awaited sophomore effort, Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow. A third volume, Down III: Over the Under, followed in 2007, including Anselmo and Keenan with Windstein, Bower, and Brown. In 2010, the band released a live audio/video set, Diary of a Mad Band. Down IV appeared as a series of EPs, beginning in 2012 with Down IV, Pt. I: The Purple EP and continuing in 2014 with Down IV, Pt. II. ~ Greg Prato
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  1.   Song
  2.   Lifer
  3.   Temptation's Wings
  4.   Witchtripper
  5.   Losing All
  6.   Ghosts Along the Mississippi
  7.   Beneath the Tides
  8.   Stone the Crow
  9.   Lies, I Don't Know What They Say But...
  10.   Rehab
  11.   Underneath Everything
  12.   N.O.D.
  13.   Where I'm Going
  14.   Mourn
  15.   On March the Saints
  16.   The Curse Is A Lie
  17.   Bury Me in Smoke
  18.   The Seed
  19.   New Orleans Is a Dying Whore
  20.   Eyes of the South
  21.   Open Coffins
  22.   Dog Tired
  23.   Hail the Leaf
  24.   Levitation
  25.   Lysergic Funeral Procession
  26.   In the Thrall of It All
  27.   I Scream
  28.   Beautifully Depressed
  29.   Stained Glass Cross
  30.   There's Something on My Side
  31.   Pillars of Eternity
  32.   Conjure
  33.   Misfortune Teller
  34.   This Work is Timeless
  35.   Pillamyd
  36.   His Majesty the Desert
  37.   Never Try
  38.   Flambeaux's Jamming with Staug
  39.   Jail
  40.   Pray for the Locust
  41.   Swan Song
  42.   Lysergik Funeral Procession
  43.   The Man That Follows Hell
  44.   Sufferer's Years
  45.   The Path
  46.   Learn From This Mistake
  47.   Doobinterlude
  48.   Landing on the Mountains of Megiddo
  49.   3 Suns and 1 Star
  50.   Hogshead/Dogshead
  51.   We Knew Him Well
  52.   Nothing in Return (Walk Away)
  53.   Steeple
  54.   Bacchanalia

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