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Down to the Bone

Far from your run-of-the-mill contemporary jazz chart-toppers, the duo of Stuart Wade and Chris Morgans come from a long line of British advocates of jazz including the Brand New Heavies and Us3. Their first album as Down to the Bone, 1997's From Manhattan to Staten, did predictably well around their base in Chobham, Surrey, but also transferred to American smooth jazz charts. Their second album, The Urban Grooves, featured a track recorded with one of Wade and Morgans' original inspirations, organist Reuben Wilson, and topped jazz charts in America after its 1998 release date. Spread the Word: Album III followed in early 2001, with Crazy Vibes and Things coming the next year. After moving to Narada, the group released Cellar Funk and Spread Love Like Wildfire in 2004 and 2005, respectively. The label celebrated the band's ten years in the game by issuing the greatest-hits album The Best of Down to the Bone in early 2007. The group’s tenth album, The Main Ingredients, released in 2011, found Down to the Bone taking their signature funk and groove sound to the Trippin 'N' Rhythm label. ~ John Bush
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Down to the Bone

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Down to the Bone

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Down to the Bone

  1.   Song
  2.   Brooklyn Heights
  3.   The Bounce
  4.   Parkside Shuffle
  5.   Tiburon
  6.   Supercharged
  7.   Staten Island Groove
  8.   Shake It Up by Corrina Greyson
  9.   I'll Always Hold You Close
  10.   Joy Is a Good Groove
  11.   Dig It
  12.   We've Always Got the Music
  13.   Funkin' Around
  14.   Wildfire Woman
  15.   Angel Baby
  16.   Global Village
  17.   You're the Only Reason
  18.   Crossing Boundaries
  19.   Cellar Funk
  20.   The Zodiac
  21.   The Backburner
  22.   Black Choice
  23.   Touch of Voodoo
  24.   Muesli Brown
  25.   Right on Baby, Yeah!
  26.   Yo Man It's Herbie
  27.   Long Way From Brooklyn
  28.   Sound as a Pound
  29.   Gotcha!
  30.   Downtown Shuffle
  31.   Crazy Vibes and Things
  32.   Put a Different Spin on it
  33.   Mighty Mighty Fine
  34.   Meteorite
  35.   17 Mile Drive
  36.   Hammerhead
  37.   Space Dust
  38.   Little Smile
  39.   Gotta Get Back to You
  40.   Down in the Basement
  41.   Carlito's Way
  42.   Dropping Knowledge
  43.   Should've Been You
  44.   Electric Vibes by Roy Ayers
  45.   Memphis Groove
  46.   L.A. Shakedown
  47.   Back in Business
  48.   Searching for a Simple Groove
  49.   On the Corner of Darcy Street
  50.   3 Days in Manhattan
  51.   A Little Touch of Soul
  52.   Bump 'N' Hustle
  53.   The Flow
  54.   Music Is My Drug
  55.   Hip City
  56.   In the Pocket
  57.   On a Roll
  58.   Smile to Shine by Hil St. Soul
  59.   London Life
  60.   Mystic Samba
  61.   Savour the Flavour
  62.   Dancing to a Samba
  63.   Greedy Fingers
  64.   Spiderlegs
  65.   The Lowdown
  66.   Glow
  67.   Urban Jazz
  68.   Make It Funky
  69.   Good to Me
  70.   Righteous Reeds
  71.   Soul Brother, No. 1
  72.   Bridge Port Boogie
  73.   Getting it Together
  74.   Stargazer
  75.   Vinyl Junkie
  76.   To the Bone
  77.   Fusion Food
  78.   I Softly Surrender (To You)
  79.   Get on It
  80.   Pure Funk
  81.   Lightning Rod
  82.   Phat City Hustler
  83.   The Sweetness
  84.   Latin Sagebrush
  85.   We're on the Move
  86.   Timeless
  87.   Cooking With Gas
  88.   The Brighter Side
  89.   Keep on Keepin' On
  90.   Future Boogie
  91.   Happiness is a Healer
  92.   Give Me Love
  93.   Electra Glide
  94.   Cosmic Fuzz
  95.   Smash and Grab
  96.   Yo Mama's So Phat
  97.   My One and All