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U.K.-based power metal sextet DragonForce formed in 1999 around the twin-guitar assault of Herman Li and Sam Totman, keyboard player Vadim Pruzhanov, and the powerful vocals of ZP Theart; drummer David Mackintosh and bass player Adrian Lambert joined the lineup later. DragonForce had already toured with the likes of Halford and Stratovarius before the release of their debut, 2003's Valley of the Damned. The success of that record earned the melodic rockers a worldwide audience, resulting in a string of sold-out concerts in Asia and Europe. The group's sophomore effort, Sonic Firestorm, was released in 2004, followed by Inhuman Rampage in 2006 and Ultra Beatdown in 2008. The band parted ways with Theart in 2010, bringing new vocalist Marc Hudson on board the following year. Although Hudson would make his first appearance on 2012's The Power Within, the band's sixth album, 2014's Maximum Overload, would be the last for drummer David Mackintosh, who would be replaced by Gee Anzalone later that year. The band's first ever DVD, In the Line of Fire, was released in 2015. Shot in high definition at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan, the set featured a mix of DragonForce classics and selections from the previous year's Maximum Overload. ~ James Christopher Monger
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  1.   Song
  2.   Through the Fire and Flames
  3.   Ashes Of The Dawn
  4.   Fallen World
  5.   Cry Thunder
  6.   Hatred and Revenge
  7.   Prepare for War
  8.   Curse Of Darkness
  9.   Heroes of Our Time
  10.   Judgement Day
  11.   The Flame of Youth
  12.   Revolution Deathsquad
  13.   Operation Ground and Pound
  14.   Heart of a Dragon
  15.   Fury of the Storm
  16.   Black Fire
  17.   Soldiers of the Wastelands
  18.   Body Breakdown
  19.   You're Not Alone
  20.   Three Hammers
  21.   Avant la Tempête
  22.   The Last Journey Home
  23.   Cry For Eternity
  24.   Storming the Burning Fields
  25.   Die by the Sword
  26.   Seasons
  27.   Heartbreak Armageddon
  28.   Cry of the Brave
  29.   Starfire
  30.   Ring of Fire
  31.   City of Gold
  32.   When Dragons Rule
  33.   Dawn Over a New World
  34.   Land of Shattered Dreams
  35.   Fight To Be Free
  36.   Chemical Interference
  37.   Give Me the Night
  38.   Scars of Yesterday
  39.   The Fire Still Burns
  40.   Trail of Broken Hearts
  41.   Valley of the Damned
  42.   Evil Dead
  43.   Our Final Stand
  44.   The Edge of the World
  45.   WAR!
  46.   Silence
  47.   Astral Empire
  48.   Galactic Astro Domination
  49.   Power and Glory
  50.   Extraction Zone
  51.   Defenders
  52.   No More
  53.   The Game
  54.   Last Man Stands
  55.   Heart of the Storm
  56.   Holding On
  57.   Strike of the Ninja
  58.   The Warrior Inside
  59.   Inside the Winter Storm
  60.   A Flame for Freedom
  61.   Lost Souls In Endless Time
  62.   Above the Winter Moonlight
  63.   Fields of Despair
  64.   Evening Star
  65.   Midnight Madness
  66.   Black Winter Night
  67.   Reaching Into Infinity
  68.   The Sun is Dead
  69.   Symphony of the Night
  70.   Tomorrow's Kings
  71.   Wings of Liberty
  72.   The Warrior's Side
  73.   Reasons to Live
  74.   My Spirit Will Go On
  75.   Invocation of Apocalyptic Evil
  76.   Where Dragons Rule
  77.   Once in a Lifetime
  78.   Disciples of Babylon
  79.   Revelations

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