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Dying Fetus

Though forever doomed, commercially speaking, by their controversial name, Maryland's Dying Fetus has endured beyond most observers' wildest expectations, and to do so, they've weathered a slew of hardships that would have felled (and did fell) most other bands. Formed in the waning days of death metal's glorious heyday (1991, to be exact) by John Gallagher (guitar/vocals), Nick Speleos (guitar), Brian Latta (guitar), Jason Netherton (bass), and Kevin Talley (drums), Dying Fetus combined their death metal with hardcore influences in order to develop their own form of American grindcore. But while pioneering bands like Napalm Death and Carcass had taken the U.K. and Europe by storm, this subgenre never really caught on in America, and had been utterly buried by grunge by the time Dying Fetus released their 1995 debut, Infatuation with Malevolence, which, admittedly did little more than collect their old demos into a single package. After downsizing to a quartet with Speleos' departure, the band truly began to hit their stride with a slew of increasingly confident and inspired releases, including 1996's Purification Through Violence, 1998's Killing on Adrenaline, and 2000's Destroy the Opposition. All the while, their notoriety continued to grow steadily within the extreme metal underground, as did their audience, thanks to a ferocious live presence and incessant touring at home and abroad with similarly aggressive bands like Kataklysm, the Crown, and Behemoth. Between road jaunts, the band kept itself busy by re-releasing an expanded version of their debut in 1999 and the Grotesque Impalement EP in 2000, but trouble was just around the corner. Midway through 2001, Gallagher was handed resignation letters from the other members of the group, who proceeded to join forces in a new project called Misery Index, and thus left the future of Dying Fetus very much in doubt. But to everyone's surprise, Gallagher wasted no time hiring an entirely new lineup consisting of vocalist Vince Matthews, guitarist Mike Kimball, bassist Sean Beasely, and drummer Erik Sayenga. A new single entitled "Vengeance Unleashed" was recorded to support the band's touring commitments, which included that year's Wacken Open Air Festival, after which Dying Fetus entered the studio to prepare their fifth album, 2003's eagerly awaited Stop at Nothing. The blistering War of Attrition appeared in 2007, followed three years later by Descend Into Depravity -- both of them on Relapse. 2012's Reign Supreme became their first to reach the main Billboard album charts. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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Dying Fetus

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Dying Fetus

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Dying Fetus

  1.   Song
  2.   Destroy the Opposition
  3.   Raping the System
  4.   Your Treachery Will Die with You
  5.   Killing On Adrenaline
  6.   Homicidal Retribution
  7.   Stop at Nothing
  8.   One Shot, One Kill
  9.   Schematics
  10.   Parasites of Catastrophe
  11.   Fate of the Condemned
  12.   Fornication Terrorists
  13.   Shepherd's Commandment
  14.   We Are Your Enemy
  15.   Atrocious by Nature
  16.   Epidemic of Hate
  17.   The Blood of Power
  18.   In the Trenches
  19.   Unadultered Hatred
  20.   Raped on the Altar
  21.   Skull Fucked
  22.   Vengeance Unleashed
  23.   Absolute Defiance
  24.   Pissing in the Mainstream
  25.   Devout Atrocity
  26.   Dissidence
  27.   From Womb to Waste
  28.   Second Skin
  29.   Subjected to a Beating
  30.   Unleashed upon Mankind
  31.   Unchallenged Hate
  32.   Fade into Obscurity
  33.   Born in a Casket
  34.   Descend into Depravity
  35.   Conceived into Enslavement
  36.   Twisted Truth
  37.   Onslaught of Malice
  38.   Permanently Disfigured
  39.   Beaten into Submission
  40.   Intentional Manslaughter
  41.   For Us or Against Us
  42.   Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses)
  43.   Procreate The Malformed
  44.   Hopeless Insurrection
  45.   Kill Your Mother/Rape Your Dog
  46.   Born in Sodom
  47.   In Times of War
  48.   Judgement Day
  49.   At What Expense?
  50.   Insidious Repression
  51.   Forgotten Scriptures by Disgorge
  52.   Forced Elimination
  53.   Abandon All Hope
  54.   Rohypnol
  55.   Nothing Left to Pray For
  56.   Institutions of Deceit
  57.   Blunt Force Trauma
  58.   Induce Terror
  59.   Skum (Fuck the Weak)
  60.   Nocturnal Crucifixion
  61.   Grotesque Impalement
  62.   Ethos of Coercion
  63.   Gorehog
  64.   Invert the Idols
  65.   The Weak Shall Be Cruched
  66.   Justifiable Homicide
  67.   The Ancient Rivalry
  68.   Obsolete Deterrence
  69.   Revisionist Past

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