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Like From Autumn to Ashes, Nora, and Hopesfall, Emery combine an alternative pop/rock foundation with elements of screamo and melodic hardcore. A Christian theme also runs throughout the band's music, which often examines the contrasts between Heaven/Hell, melody/brutality, and conventional singing/guttural screaming. Formed in South Carolina in 2001, the band originally included the talents of recent college graduates Toby Morrell (vocals, guitar), Matt Carter (guitar), Joel Green (bass), Devin Shelton (guitar), Josh Head (keyboards), and Seth Studley (drums). After weighing their options, Emery's members decided that Seattle would be a better environment for a burgeoning band, prompting the group to move westward in September 2001. Once established in the Emerald City, Emery signed with the Seattle-based Tooth & Nail label, which united them with producer/engineer Ed Rose for the creation of the band's debut album. The Weak's End appeared in January 2004, followed by The Question in August 2005. Drummer Seth Studley left before the latter album's release, however, prompting the group to enlist Dave Powell as his replacement. One year later, bassist Joel Green also left the band, although the bandmates opted to relegate bass duties to guitarists Morrell and Shelton rather than admit a new member. I'm Only a Man arrived in 2007 and signaled a new direction for the band, whose newfound use of synthesizers and increasingly melodic singing contrasted with the harsher sounds of Emery's previous work. One year later, however, the musicians reverted to their original sound with the While Broken Hearts Prevail EP, while 2009's ...In Shallow Seas We Sail proved to be a mix of both styles. In 2011, the band parted ways with guitarist Devin Shelton, but managed to soldier on without him, releasing the heavier We Do What We Want later that year. In the late summer of 2013, they issued an eponymous recording on their own BadChristian music label. The group's sixth studio album and second outing for BadChristian, You Were Never Alone arrived in 2015. ~ Alex Henderson
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    Christian Rock
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  1.   Song
  2.   Walls
  3.   The Curse of Perfect Days
  4.   Playing with Fire
  5.   Inside Our Skin
  6.   The Ponytail Parades
  7.   The Smile, The Face
  8.   Cutthroat Collapse
  9.   In a Win, Win Situation
  10.   Studying Politics
  11.   As Your Voice Fades
  12.   Listening to Freddy Mercury
  13.   A Sin to Hold on To
  14.   Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus
  15.   Everywhere and Nowhere
  16.   I'm Not Here for Rage I'm Here for Revenge (More
  17.   Daddy's Little Peach
  18.   Edge of the World
  19.   The Party Song
  20.   The Movie Song
  21.   After the Devil Beats His Wife
  22.   Hold On
  23.   In a Lose, Lose Situation
  24.   Fractions
  25.   Trust
  26.   The Cheval Glass
  27.   The Anchors
  28.   I Never Got to See the West Coast
  29.   Fix Me
  30.   Addicted to Bad Decisions
  31.   Dear Death, Pt. 2
  32.   Dear Death, Pt. 1
  33.   Curbside Goodbye
  34.   Butcher's Mouth
  35.   Do the Things (You Want)
  36.   Always Depends
  37.   Whoa! Man
  38.   Rock-N-Rule
  39.   World Away
  40.   From Crib to Coffin
  41.   All I Want
  42.   In Between 4th and 2nd Street
  43.   Miss Behavin'
  44.   The Weakest
  45.   Returning the Smile You Have Had from the Start
  46.   Holding Out for a Hero
  47.   The Secret
  48.   Studing Politics
  49.   Ten Talents
  50.   Disguising Mistakes With Goodbyes
  51.   Tear Shed
  52.   Walls D Album Version)
  53.   Jesus Gave Us Christmas
  54.   The Poor and the Prevalent
  55.   Piggy Bank Lies
  56.   Churches and Serial Killers
  57.   Can't Stop the Killer
  58.   You Think You're Nickel Slick (But I Got Your Penny Change)
  59.   What Makes a Man a Man
  60.   Death to Inconvenience
  61.   Thoughtlife
  62.   So Cold I Could See My Breath
  63.   Left with Alibis and Lying Eyes
  64.   Under Serious Attack
  65.   Bloodless
  66.   The Note from Which a Chord Is Built
  67.   The Last Christmas
  68.   You Wanted It
  69.   By All Accounts (Today Was a Disaster)
  70.   Story About a Man with a Bad Heart
  71.   The Terrible Secret
  72.   32
  73.   In Shallow Seas We Sail
  74.   (Ho Ho Hey) A Way For Santa's Sleigh
  75.   Scissors
  76.   Listening to Freddie Mercury
  77.   Say the Things (You Want)

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