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New Fairfield, Connecticut-based metal quintet Emmure specialize in an emotionally brutal blend of blistering hardcore and punishing thrash that has drawn favorable comparisons to acts like the Acacia Strain and From a Second Story Window. The group, consisting of singer Frank Palmeri, drummer Joe Lionetti, guitar players Ben Lionetti and Jesse Ketive, and bassist Mark Davis, released its debut, Goodbye to the Gallows, on Victory Records in 2007. By the next spring, Emmure followed up with The Respect Issue and hit the road supporting the likes of Misery Signals as well as on their own headlining tour with Endwell and others. A family emergency in 2009 forced the Lionetti brothers to leave the band, and guitarist Mike Mulholland and drummer Mike Kaabe (Warfix, Hulk Blood, Endwell) were recruited to replace them. The new lineup offered the album Felony that fall. Emmure hit the road hard in 2010, headlining Attack Attack's This Is a Family Tour, and playing traveling music festivals including Warped Tour, Reckless, and Relentless, and Never Say Die!. The following February, they released fourth album, Speaker of the Dead, and had another busy season on the concert circuit, playing The Mosh Lives and All Stars tours, as well as reprising their slot on the Never Say Die! Tour. That October, Kaabe left the band, making way for Mark Castillo (Crossfade) to take his place at the drum kit (Castillo himself would vacate in 2014, replaced by Adam Pierce). Emmure began 2012 in the studio, yielding Slave to the Game, which arrived that April. Two years later, the band released what would be their final album in that incarnation, 2014's Eternal Enemies. In late 2015, Davis, Ketive, Mulholland, and Pierce left Palmeri to start a new project, citing continued negativity within the band. 2016 saw the band land a deal with SharpTone Records, who issued their seventh studio long-player, Look at Yourself, the following year. ~ James Christopher Monger & Chrysta Cherrie
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  1.   Song
  2.   Solar Flare Homicide
  3.   Protoman
  4.   Dogs Get Put Down
  5.   Children of Cybertron
  6.   Shinjuku Masterlord
  7.   Flag of the Beast
  8.   I Am Onslaught
  9.   Nemesis
  10.   Smokey
  11.   Torch
  12.   When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
  13.   Natural Born Killer
  14.   A Gift A Curse
  15.   You Sunk My Battleship
  16.   Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth
  17.   Most Hated
  18.   N.I.A. (News In Arizona)
  19.   Umar Dumps Dormammu
  20.   My Name Is Thanos
  21.   Immaculate Misconception
  22.   Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle
  23.   Poltergeist
  24.   Cries of Credo
  25.   I Thought You Met Telly And Turned Me Into Casper
  26.   Felony
  27.   Bars In Astoria
  28.   The Key to Keeping the Show Fresh Is... I'm Dead
  29.   Ice Man Confessions
  30.   Girls Don't Like Boys, Girls Like 40's And Blunts
  31.   Rat King
  32.   Hitomi's Shinobi
  33.   Like LaMotta
  34.   E
  35.   The Hang Up
  36.   She Gave Her Heart to Deadpool
  37.   Word of Intulo
  38.   A Voice from Below
  39.   4 Poisons 3 Words
  40.   First Impressions
  41.   Lesson From Nichole
  42.   You're More Like Friend Without The 'R'
  43.   Tales From The Burg
  44.   I Only Mean Half Of What I Don't Say
  45.   Young, Rich, And Out Of Control
  46.   Johnny Carson Didn't Have to Die
  47.   I Should Have Called Ms. Cleo
  48.   Rusted Over Wet Dreams
  49.   It's Not Just a Party, It's a Funeral
  50.   10 Signs You Should Leave
  51.   Turtle in a Hare
  52.   Gucci Prison
  53.   Derelict
  54.   Major Key Alert
  55.   You Asked for It
  56.   Russian Hotel Aftermath
  57.   We Were Just Kids
  58.   New Age Rambler
  59.   Grave Markings
  60.   Free Publicity
  61.   [Untitled]
  62.   War Begins with You
  63.   MDMA
  64.   Cross Over Attack
  65.   Bison Diaries
  66.   Insert Coin
  67.   Lights Bring Salvation
  68.   Last Words to Rose
  69.   Eulogy of Giants
  70.   Drug Dealer Friend
  71.   Demons with Ryu
  72.   Bohemian Grove
  73.   The Philosophy Of Time Travel
  74.   Sunday Bacon
  75.   Don't Be One
  76.   Snuff 2: The Resurrection
  77.   Chicago's Finest
  78.   False Love In Real Life
  79.   22 Exits Away
  80.   A Fist Fight with Dick Tracy
  81.   A Ticket for the Paralyzer
  82.   Call Me Ninib
  83.   A.I.
  84.   Rough Justice
  85.   Second Hand Smoke
  86.   You Got a Henna Tattoo That Said Forever
  87.   When Everything Goes Wrong, Take the Easy Way Out
  88.   Blackheart Reigns
  89.   Area 64-66
  91.   I <3 EC2
  92.   Dry Ice
  93.   Travis Bickle
  94.   Sound Wave Superior