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A melodic power/death/folk metal band delving in Viking legends for lyrical inspiration, Helsinki, Finland's Ensiferum (Latin for "sword bearer") had to continually coexist with various simultaneous metal projects undertaken by its members. Founded in 1995 by guitarist Markus Toivonen, Ensiferum worked up a number of demo tapes before finally attracting the attention of Finland's powerhouse metal label, Spinefarm, which released their eponymous debut in 2001. The sophomore Iron followed in 2004, and both albums featured vocalist Jari Mäenpää, bassist Jukka-Pekka Miettinen, keyboardist Meiju Enho, drummer Oliver Fokin, and of course Toivonen. Many of these were active in black/dark metal act Arthemesia at the same time, and Mäenpää subsequently announced his departure to start a new band called Wintersun. More lineup changes occurred before the release of the band's third LP, Victory Songs, in 2007. The following year saw Ensiferum headlining the Paganfest tour in Europe and North America, and in 2009 they released a new album, From Afar. 2012 saw the release of the group's fifth studio long player, Unsung Heroes, and in 2015 the band issued their Metal Blade debut, One Man Army. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Last Breath
  3.   In My Sword I Trust
  4.   Unsung Heroes
  5.   Lai Lai Hei
  6.   My Ancestors' Blood
  7.   From Afar
  8.   Ferrum Aeternum
  9.   Battle Song
  10.   Tears
  11.   Dragonheads
  12.   Wanderer
  13.   Blood Is the Price of Glory
  14.   Guardians of Fate
  15.   March of War
  16.   Symbols
  17.   Raised by the Sword
  18.   Ahti
  19.   Little Dreamer (Väinämöinen,Pt. 2)
  20.   Abandoned
  21.   Kalevala-Melody
  22.   Into Battle
  23.   Into Hiding
  24.   Hero in a Dream
  25.   Rawhide
  26.   Neito Pohjolan
  27.   Cry for the Earth Bounds
  28.   Burden of the Fallen
  29.   Axe of Judgement
  30.   Passion Proof Power
  31.   Star Queen (Celestial Bond, Pt. 2)
  32.   Celestial Bond
  33.   Twilight Tavern
  34.   Tumman Virran Taa
  35.   The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part Ii)
  36.   Stone Cold Metal
  37.   By the Dividing Stream
  38.   Old Man (Väinämöinen, Pt. 1)
  39.   Battery
  40.   Sword Chant
  41.   Lost in Despair
  42.   The New Dawn
  43.   Ad Victoriam
  44.   Deathbringer from the Sky
  45.   Eternal Wait
  46.   Treacherous Gods
  47.   Slayer of Light
  48.   Windrider
  49.   Tale of Revenge
  50.   White Storm
  51.   Warmetal
  52.   Warrior Without a War
  53.   One Man Army
  54.   Burning Leaves
  55.   One More Magic Potion
  56.   Victory Song
  57.   Goblin's Dance
  58.   Iron
  59.   Intro
  60.   Bonus Song
  61.   Candour And Lies
  62.   Descendants, Defiance, Domination
  63.   Retribution Shall Be Mine
  64.   Smoking Ruins
  65.   Heathen Throne
  66.   Lady in Black
  67.   Warrior's Quest
  68.   Pohjola
  69.   Heathen Horde
  70.   Two of Spades
  71.   Elusive Reaches

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