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Eric Hutchinson

Few stories underscore the radical changes experienced by the post-millennial music industry than that of Eric Hutchinson. Originally nurtured and then abandoned by an established label started by a pop superstar, Hutchinson then got discovered by a much larger audience while unsigned, thanks to a digital plug by a notorious Hollywood gossip. Born and raised in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., Hutchinson first began performing in public while attending Emerson College, a performing arts-oriented university located in downtown Boston. Between Emerson's influential campus radio station, WERS, and the thriving local singer/songwriter scene, the guitarist and pianist found enough of an audience for his folk- and jazz-inflected brand of AAA pop (somewhere between Jeff Buckley and John Mayer) to move from Boston to Los Angeles and make a career of it. Hutchinson self-released his debut album, That Could've Gone Better, on his own Let's Break label in summer 2003. The album gained the attention of Madonna's Warner Bros-distributed label, Maverick Records, which had previously broken similar artists like Alanis Morissette and Michelle Branch. However, as Hutchinson was preparing his major-label debut, Maverick Records became embroiled in a lawsuit with its parent company, which effectively shut down the label; extricating himself from his Maverick contract took Hutchinson the better part of two years, but he returned to his own label in 2006 with the release of the wryly titled live EP Before I Sold Out. After the release of Hutchinson's second studio album, Sounds Like This, in summer 2007, gossip maven Perez Hilton raved about the album on his blog. That one mention on one of the most popular websites in the world sent Sounds Like This into the Top Ten most downloaded albums online, peaking at number seven in September 2007. Warner Bros. re-released the album in 2008. Hutchinson followed up with the 2012 studio album, Moving Up Living Down, featuring the single "Watching You Watch Him." In 2014, Hutchinson delivered his fifth full-length effort, Pure Fiction, on Let's Break. ~ Stewart Mason
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Eric Hutchinson

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Albums by
Eric Hutchinson

Top Songs by
Eric Hutchinson

  1.   Song
  2.   Rock & Roll
  3.   All Over Now
  4.   Watching You Watch Him
  5.   You Don't Have to Believe Me
  6.   Breakdown More
  7.   Tell the World
  8.   Oh!
  9.   OK, It's Alright with Me
  10.   Best Days
  11.   Living in the Afterlife
  12.   Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
  13.   Food Chain
  14.   Lisa
  15.   The People I Know
  16.   Back to Where I Was
  17.   Outside Villanova
  18.   Watching You Eat Shrimp
  19.   I Don't Love U
  20.   Forever
  21.   I'm Not Cool
  22.   In the First Place
  23.   Don't Hold Back
  24.   Amsterdam
  25.   Emo in College
  26.   Shine On Me
  27.   Forget About Joni
  28.   Love Like You
  29.   Goodnight Goodbye
  30.   A Little More
  31.   Not There Yet
  32.   You've Got You
  33.   It Hasn't Been Long Enough
  34.   Modern Age
  35.   I Got the Feelin Now
  36.   I'm a Foot Stomper
  37.   Sun Goes Down
  38.   Talk Is Cheap
  39.   The Basement
  40.   Call Me Back
  41.   Subtitles
  42.   Rock N Roll
  43.   Jettison
  44.   All Used Up
  45.   Same Mistakes
  46.   Please
  47.   [Untitled]

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