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Eugene Mirman

Absurdist standup Eugene Mirman was a leading light of the New York City alternative comedy scene, earning a cult following in indie rock circles for his performances in support of bands including Yo La Tengo, the Shins, and Modest Mouse. Born in the Soviet Union in 1974, Mirman was four years old when his family immigrated to the U.S., settling in Boston. After graduating from Hampshire College, where he developed his own major in comedy, Mirman launched his standup career at small Boston venues like the Green Street Grill before relocating to New York City in 2000. One of the first comedians to embrace the Internet as a new creative platform, he soon attracted national attention for his website,, home to the Marvelous Crooning Child (an animated image of a toddler-age Mirman singing classic rock favorites) as well as many of his short films. Multimedia clips also emerged as a critical element of Mirman's stage act, and his 2004 debut album, The Absurd Nightclub Comedy of Eugene Mirman, was released as a CD/DVD package. Like many standups of his generation, Mirman eschewed traditional comedy venues in favor of indie rock clubs, regularly opening for musical acts as well as the Stella troupe. With Bobby Tisdale and Holly Schlesinger, he also produced the weekly alt-comedy variety showcase Invite Them Up, and in the spring of 2006 released his first Sub Pop effort, En Garde, Society! His second release for the label, God Is a Twelve Year Old Boy with Asperger's, followed in 2009. In 2011, he joined the cast of the animated series Bob's Burgers, voicing the character of Gene Belcher, and in 2013 he released the aptly titled album An Evening of Comedy in a Fake Underground Laboratory. ~ Jason Ankeny
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Eugene Mirman

  1.   Song
  2.   Leaning in Chelsea, Born Gay, Gay Brother, Sneezing
  3.   Swearing in Russian/Immigrating
  4.   Coupons for the Audience
  5.   The Girlfriend/American Airlines: Scientists
  6.   [Untitled]
  7.   Truth or Dare/Dogs: Tube Steak Sex Guys
  8.   Movie/Deep Friend Stuffed Cheeseburger: What Kind of Animal?/Red Tide
  9.   Joking and Lying/Jack in the Box: Extreme Bowling
  10.   [Untitled]
  11.   Horses Talking/Bathroom Door
  12.   Letters to Nouns
  13.   Grandmother
  14.   Ever Get Drunk and...? Edinburgh
  15.   [Untitled]
  16.   My Time Warner Cable Newspaper Ad
  17.   Tea Party Website
  18.   I Fell Down in London! Oh, And Bought a Phone!
  19.   I Met a Fan of the Earth
  20.   [Untitled]
  21.   [Untitled]
  22.   [Untitled]
  23.   [Untitled]
  24.   [Untitled]
  25.   Political Chalk, Audition, Bicyclist and Pilates
  26.   Sbarro Slogan and Anti-Abortion Billboard (Unrelated)
  27.   [Untitled]
  28.   Messages on Napkins at Bars
  29.   [Untitled]
  30.   [Untitled]
  31.   Revolve (The Complete New Testament in the Form of a Teen Magazine)
  32.   A Guest Shopping at Marshalls
  33.   Jokes with a Theremin!
  34.   Touring My Set, But First Two Other Jokes
  35.   Russian and Atari
  36.   Florida
  37.   Teen Wolf, Gay Marriage, Gay Rights
  38.   Million, Rent a Car, Terminator and Matrix, My Day
  39.   Pot Ads
  40.   Special Ed, Ladies?, Grandmother, Religion
  41.   Cupid
  42.   Hello, Credit Card, Fidelity, Kids Say the Darndest Things
  43.   Seattle, Steakhouse
  44.   Stalking, Bathroom
  45.   Skatepunk, Ice Cream Store, Talking Dirty, Protester on the ...
  46.   Shapes for Sale
  47.   I'm Nervous, Virginity, People Quoting Stuff They've Read, Not Funny...
  48.   Mirman
  49.   Dog, Dreams Predict the Future, My Own Culture, Jewish
  50.   Fleet
  51.   Christian Mingle and My Childhood Notebook
  52.   Q&A: Advice for the Audience
  53.   Open/Wake Up Call and Two Other Jokes
  54.   I Bought Ads on Facebook!
  55.   The Goodnight Song
  56.   [Untitled]
  57.   Driving and Thinking
  58.   Dub Plasma Edit-Face Joke Dance Party
  59.   Invite Them Up
  60.   [DVD]
  61.   Right Stuff
  62.   Bonus Material
  63.   Untitled
  64.   The "Eugene!" Pilot Highlight Reel
  65.   Hello and Several Jokes on Topics Ranging from Elevators to Goofing Around on a Whale Watch
  66.   My Gas Got Shut Off-Boo!
  67.   Vancouver, Detroit and Bears!
  68.   Divisive Online Banner Ads
  69.   America Is Better than Abortion
  70.   The Questionable Polls of Russia Today
  71.   I Found an iPod
  72.   The Will to Whatevs Book Tour and an Amazing Boy with Asperger's
  74.   Sex, Delta AirLIES and Videotape: A Three-Part Radio Play Very Based on a True Story
  75.   My Letter to Delta Airlines, Your Postcard to Delta Airlines
  76.   Ever Get Drunk and...?

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