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Originally a progressive rock group, Europe didn't achieve success until they reworked their sound into bombastic yet melodic pop-metal. In their first incarnation, the Swedish band was called Force. The band -- featuring core members Joey Tempest (vocals), John Norum (guitar), Tony Reno (drums), and John Leven (bass) -- won a national talent contest in the early '80s, which led to a record contract. After changing their name to Europe and releasing two albums in Sweden (Europe and Wings of Tomorrow), the band landed an international deal with Epic Records. By this time, Reno had left the group and been replaced by Ian Haugland. Keyboardist Mic Michaeli had also joined the lineup. In 1986, Europe released The Final Countdown. On the album, Michaeli's keyboards take a prominent role (they provide the main riff in the hit title track), which nicely complemented the band's smoother pop melodies. The change in style proved successful, as the record became a Top Ten hit in the U.S. and U.K.; both "The Final Countdown" and "Carrie" became Top Ten singles as well. Norum left the band by the end of the year and was replaced by Kee Marcello. Released in 1988, Out of This World continued the formula of the previous record. It was also a success, although its numbers didn't match those of The Final Countdown. Three years later, Europe released their fifth studio album, Prisoners in Paradise, which featured the hit title track as well as the midtempo ballad "I'll Cry for You," before calling it quits the following year. The band, including Norum, reunited for a New Year's Eve performance in Stockholm in 1999, resulting in the announcement of an official reunion three years later. The band subsequently recorded and released their sixth album, Start from the Dark (2004), then followed it with Secret Society (2006) and Last Look at Eden (2009), the latter of which debuted at number one on the Swedish album chart. Bag of Bones (2012) had a blues-rock feel, while War of Kings (2015) was a heavy, doomy, faintly psychedelic affair strongly inspired by their childhood heroes Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1.   Song
  2.   The Final Countdown
  3.   Carrie
  4.   Rock the Night
  5.   Cherokee
  6.   Halfway to Heaven
  7.   Suicide
  8.   Forever Traveling
  9.   Danger on the Track
  10.   Superstitious
  11.   Just the Beginning
  12.   Prisoners in Paradise
  13.   Let the Good Times Rock
  14.   Devil Sings the Blues
  15.   Tower's Callin'
  16.   Never Say Die
  17.   Dreamer
  18.   Stormwind
  19.   Vasastan
  20.   Dance the Night Away
  21.   Wasted Time
  22.   Wings of Tomorrow
  23.   Aphasia
  24.   Memories
  25.   Tomorrow
  26.   Coast to Coast
  27.   Ninja
  28.   On the Loose
  29.   Time Has Come
  30.   Scream of Anger
  31.   Wish You Were Here
  32.   Love to Love
  33.   More Than Meets the Eye
  34.   In the Future to Come
  35.   Light It Up
  36.   Rainbow Bridge
  37.   Days of Rock 'N' Roll
  38.   California 405
  39.   Nothin' to Ya
  40.   Praise You
  41.   The Second Day
  42.   Hole in My Pocket
  43.   War of Kings
  44.   Firebox
  45.   The Beast
  46.   Last Look at Eden
  47.   Secret Society
  48.   Always the Pretenders
  49.   Let the Children Play
  50.   Brave and Beautiful Soul
  51.   The Getaway Plan
  52.   Love Is Not the Enemy
  53.   Flames
  54.   Time Has Come (At Solnahallen, Stockholm 1986)
  55.   The Final Countdown 2000
  56.   Music Madness
  57.   Girl From Lebanon
  58.   'Til My Heart Beats Down Your Door
  59.   Got Your Mind in the Gutter
  60.   Homeland
  61.   Bad Blood
  62.   Seventh Sign
  63.   Talk to Me
  64.   All or Nothing
  65.   Treated Bad Again
  66.   Paradize Bay
  67.   Farewell
  68.   Sign of the Times
  69.   Love Chaser
  70.   Heart of Stone
  71.   Yesterday's News
  72.   Seven Doors Hotel
  73.   Open Your Heart
  74.   On Broken Wings
  75.   Ready or Not
  76.   I'll Cry for You
  77.   Wish I Could Believe
  78.   Sweet Love Child
  79.   Children of the Mind
  80.   Since I've Been Lovin' You
  81.   Human After All
  82.   Words of Wisdom
  83.   Children of This Time
  84.   Lights and Shadows
  85.   A Long Time Comin'
  86.   The King Will Return
  87.   Angels (With Broken Hearts)
  88.   Let the Good Times Rock (At Ahoy Stadium, Rotterdam 1989
  89.   Little Bit of Lovin'
  90.   Boyazont
  91.   Lyin' Eyes
  92.   A Mother's Son
  93.   Break Free