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Evanescence filled a niche few knew existed: the need for operatic goth pop, soul-baring introspection paired with churning metallic guitars. Singer/pianist Amy Lee cut such a figure fronting the group that it was easy to not think of Evanescence as a band, but rather a support group for her songs. After some lineup shifts, however, including the departure of founding member Ben Moody, the band consolidated and remained one of the most popular post-alternative American bands of the 2000s. Amy Lee met Moody at a youth camp in their native Little Rock, Arkansas in 1994. Lee and Moody worked steadily together, releasing three EPs at the tail end of the '90s, followed by a full-length album called Origin. By this time, the group was called Evanescence, and they signed with Wind-Up Records in 2002, expanding to a full lineup consisting of guitarist John LeCompt, bassist Will Boyd, and drummer Rocky Gray not long after the completion of the band's major-label debut, Fallen. Released in the spring of 2003 and initially marketed toward CCM audiences -- an association the band disavowed rather rapidly -- Fallen quickly proved to be a success thanks to the hit single "Bring Me to Life," which was soon followed by "My Immortal," both reaching the Billboard Top Ten in the U.S. All this success led to two Grammys, one for Best New Artist and one for Best Hard Rock Performance, but a split within the ranks soon emerged, with Ben Moody leaving the group during their European tour. Terry Balsamo, late of Cold, replaced Moody on guitar and became Amy Lee's main songwriting partner. The fruits of their collaboration would take a while to surface as Evanescence continued to ride the success of Fallen, buying time with Anywhere But Home -- a live album timed for the holiday season of 2004 -- and then suffering a few setbacks in 2005, with Boyd leaving the band and Balsamo suffering a stroke. The group's sophomore set, The Open Door, finally arrived in October of 2006, with Tim McCord -- formerly Revolution Smile's guitarist -- joining on bass after its release. Spearheaded by the single "Call Me When You're Sober," The Open Door didn't quite match the success of Fallen but it performed handsomely, debuting at number one on Billboard the week of its release. During the supporting tour for The Open Door in 2007, LeCompt was fired from the band and Gray quit, with guitarist Troy McLawhorn and drummer Will Hunt hired to take their respective places. It was another long wait for the group's third album, with the band scrapping sessions helmed by famed producer Steve Lillywhite before hiring Nick Raskulinecz, who wound up producing the eponymous album that appeared in October 2011, a full five years after The Open Door. Like its predecessor, Evanescence debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. A massive tour took up much of 2012 (including stops in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America), after which Lee announced that the band would take an extended break. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1.   Song
  2.   Bring Me to Life
  3.   My Immortal
  4.   Call Me When You're Sober
  5.   Going Under
  6.   My Heart Is Broken
  7.   Lithium
  8.   Haunted
  9.   My Last Breath
  10.   The Only One
  11.   Tourniquet
  12.   What You Want
  13.   Everybody's Fool
  14.   On the Songs: My Heart Is Broken
  15.   The Other Side
  16.   The Change
  17.   Hello
  18.   Whisper
  19.   Imaginary
  20.   Taking Over Me
  21.   Sweet Sacrifice
  22.   On the Songs: What You Want
  23.   Good Enough
  24.   Breathe No More
  25.   Showtime
  26.   All That I'm Living For
  27.   Missing
  28.   Lacrymosa
  29.   [Bonus Material]
  30.   Made of Stone
  31.   Like You
  32.   Your Star
  33.   Sick
  34.   Making the What You Want Music Video: Day 2
  35.   Lost in Paradise
  36.   Weight of the World
  37.   Erase This
  38.   Lose Control
  39.   On the Songs: Oceans
  40.   Thoughless
  41.   Cloud Nine
  42.   End of the Dream
  43.   Oceans
  44.   Making the What You Want Music Video: Day 1
  45.   Secret Door
  46.   [DVD]
  47.   Say You Will
  48.   Behind the Scenes: At the Photo Shoot
  49.   [Untitled Hidden Track]
  50.   Farther Away
  51.   On the Songs: Never Go Back
  52.   A New Way to Bleed
  53.   Never Go Back
  54.   On the Songs: The Change
  55.   Thoughtless
  56.   Together Again
  57.   On the Songs: Secret Door
  58.   Heart Shaped Box
  59.   Life On The Road
  60.   Before the Down
  61.   Snow White Queen
  62.   Live in Paris
  63.   Disappear
  64.   All That I Am Living For
  65.   Even in Death
  66.   Making the What You Want Music Video
  67.   Evanescence Unleashed...
  68.   Bloopers
  69.   The Document Dvd
  70.   [Untitled]
  71.   [Untitled]
  72.   [Untitled]
  73.   [Untitled]
  74.   The
  75.   On the Songs: Lost in Paradise
  76.   Behind the Scenes: In the Studio
  77.   Demise
  78.   Listen to the Rain
  79.   Wake Me Up Inside
  80.   Forgive Me
  81.   Surrender
  82.   Before the Dawn
  83.   My Tourniquet
  84.   Further Away
  85.   Anything for You
  86.   Field of Innocence
  87.   Eternal
  88.   Anywhere