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Evans Blue

Toronto modern hard rock quintet Evans Blue came together around 2003 after its members found each other by chance through a local musician's message board. Comprised of vocalist Matisyn, guitarists Parker Lauzon and Vlad Tanaskovic, bassist Joe Pitter, and drummer Darryl Brown, the group signed with Pocket Recordings in 2005, entering Pocket Studios with Trevor Kustiak (Cool for August) soon after. The result was their debut, The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume, jointly released in February 2006 by Pocket and Hollywood Records. A spring tour supporting Taproot followed, during which Brown left unannounced, to be later replaced by Davis Howard. In July 2007 the band's second album, The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal of Life Ends, hit shelves. The group's eponymous third album, which was the first to feature new singer Dan Chandler, was released in 2009. The band's fourth studio outing, Graveyard of Empires, followed in 2012. ~ Corey Apar
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Evans Blue

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Evans Blue

Top Songs by
Evans Blue

  1.   Song
  2.   Cold (But I'm Still Here)
  3.   Over
  4.   Erase My Scars
  5.   The Pursuit
  6.   Halo
  7.   Sick of It
  8.   Bulletproof
  9.   Beg
  10.   Buried Alive
  11.   This Time It's Different
  12.   Eclipsed
  13.   Warrior
  14.   A Cross and a Girl Named Blessed
  15.   a Step Back
  16.   Possession
  17.   Live to Die
  18.   Fear
  19.   The Future in the End
  20.   Dark That Follows
  21.   End of Me
  22.   Still I Remain
  23.   Alone Not Lonely
  24.   Crawl Inside
  25.   Caught a Lite Sneeze
  26.   Bs Inc
  27.   Invisible Catastrophe
  28.   Underwater
  29.   Destroy The Obvious
  30.   Can't Go On
  31.   The Promise and the Threat
  32.   Dead Amen
  33.   Just Once
  34.   Comfortable With Hate
  35.   iGod
  36.   In The Shadow
  37.   Graveyard of Empires
  38.   Beyond The Stars
  39.   This Time It's Different
  40.   Through Your Eyes
  41.   Show Me
  42.   Say It
  43.   My Damsel: A Confession to an Adversary
  44.   Painted
  45.   Dear Lucid, Our Time Is Right Now
  46.   Pin-Up
  47.   Kiss the Flag
  48.   Q (The Best One of Our Lives)
  49.   In a Red Dress and Alone
  50.   The Tease
  51.   Quote
  52.   Stop and Say You Love Me
  53.   Catch Me on Fire
  54.   Thank You
  55.   Who We Are
  56.   Shine Your Cadillac
  57.   I Blame You
  58.   Hold On

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