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Eve 6

Punk-pop trio Eve 6 scored three Top 40 singles (as well as eight modern rock hits) during the late '90s and early 2000s. The band's two founders, guitarist Jon Siebels and bassist/vocalist Max Collins, signed a contract with RCA Records while still attending high school in La Crescenta, a neighborhood in northern Los Angeles. Originally called Eleventeen, the bandmates took three long years -- during which time they added a new drummer, Tony Fagenson -- to prep their debut album. The delay was intentional, as RCA Records had demanded the boys graduate from high school before releasing any material. While waiting to issue an album (which ultimately arrived in 1998), Eve 6 sharpened their act by playing local coffeehouses. "Inside Out," the leadoff single from Eve 6's self-titled debut, became a number one modern rock hit in 1998, ousting the Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris" from the chart-topping position. "Leech" also proved to be a popular single, and Eve 6's record went platinum as a result. Two years later, the band returned with Horrorscope, which went gold on the strength of "Promise" and the power ballad "Here's to the Night," which was also a Top 40/MTV smash. Eve 6 toured the globe throughout 2000 and 2001 while writing songs for a third record, It's All in Your Head, which was released in mid-2003. Despite the moderate success of the single "Think Twice," sales for the record never truly took off, and Eve 6 were dropped by RCA Records in March 2004. Shortly thereafter, the guys announced their decision to disband, and Eve 6 played their final show in July. Siebels went on to play guitar with Monsters Are Waiting, while Collins and Fagenson resurfaced in mid-2006 with their new band, the Sugi Tap. In 2007, Collins and Fagenson added guitarist Matt Bair and put the Sugi Tap on hold to tour as Eve 6 in 2008. In 2011, with new songs, new management, and with Siebels back on board, the band officially re-formed and signed with Fearless Records. A new album, Speak in Code, produced by Don Gilmore (who produced Eve 6's first two albums), appeared in April of 2012. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine & Steve Leggett
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Eve 6

Top Songs by
Eve 6

  1.   Song
  2.   Inside Out
  3.   Promise
  4.   Victoria
  5.   Lost & Found
  6.   Here's To The Night
  7.   Think Twice
  8.   Leech
  9.   Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight
  10.   Showerhead
  11.   Pick Up the Pieces
  12.   Girlfriend
  13.   Bang
  14.   On the Roof Again
  15.   How Much Longer
  16.   Still Here Waiting
  17.   Girl Eyes
  18.   Amphetamines
  19.   Rescue
  20.   Tongue Tied
  21.   Downtown
  22.   Curtain
  23.   Friend of Mine
  24.   Bring the Night On
  25.   You Really Got Me
  26.   Nightmare
  27.   Sunset Strip Bitch
  28.   Allison
  29.   B.F.G.F.
  30.   Hokis
  31.   Hey Montana
  32.   Open Road Song
  33.   Callout Hook
  34.   Trust Me
  35.   Blood Brothers
  36.   Without You Here
  37.   Small Town Trap
  38.   Saturday Night
  39.   Lions Den
  40.   Arch Drive Goodbye
  41.   Good Lives
  42.   Noel! Noel!
  43.   Jet Pack
  44.   Nocturnal
  45.   There's a Face
  46.   Jesus Nitelite
  47.   At Least We're Dreaming
  48.   Superhero Girl
  49.   Everything
  50.   Moon
  51.   Situation Infatuation
  52.   Enemy
  53.   Jet Pac
  54.   Jet Plane
  55.   Promise
  56.   Anytime
  57.   Noel
  58.   Promises

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