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Extreme's music was never easy to classify, since it rarely confined itself to heavy metal, hard rock, or pop. The Massachusetts-based band formed in 1985; guitarist Nuno Bettencourt had already played in a local band with bassist Pat Badger, while singer Gary Cherone fronted his own group with drummer Paul Geary. The two bands eventually merged, and Cherone and Bettencourt formed a songwriting partnership that would soon place Extreme atop the Billboard charts, if only for a short period. Coupling the technical proficiency of Bettencourt's guitar with a funky rhythmic base, the band issued a self-titled debut album in 1989. It peaked at number 80 -- a modest showing for a new, unseasoned band -- and the song "Play with Me" was used to orchestrate the chase scene during Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Extreme had begun to earn respect in the heavy metal world, but it wasn't until the arrival of the band's follow-up effort, Pornograffitti (particularly the the Everly Brothers-style acoustic ballad "More Than Words"), that a mainstream audience latched onto the group's sound. "More Than Words" became a number one hit, while its follow-up single, an acoustic-based pop/rocker named "Hole Hearted," hit number four. Extreme were now one of the most popular acts in the pop-metal genre, but the looming arrival of grunge music -- not to mention the band's own shifting tastes -- combined to make Extreme's reign relatively short-lived. The band's third album, III Sides to Every Story, was an ambitious effort whose sales (while strong at first) couldn't match those of Pornograffitti. Geary left the lineup soon after, seeking a career in music business instead, and a revised version of the band (featuring the percussion of Mike Mangini, formerly of Annihilator) returned in 1995 with Waiting for the Punchline. It, too, suffered from a lack of sales. Accordingly, Extreme's bandmates announced their breakup the following year. Bettencourt went on to launch a solo career and issued the Schizophonic album in 1997; he then released two additional albums with his band Mourning Widows. Meanwhile, Cherone enjoyed a brief stint as the vocalist for Van Halen. His one album with the band, 1998's Van Halen III, was slammed by critics and fans alike, resulting in poor sales and Cherone's speedy exit. A 13-track best-of collection named An Accidental Collision of Atoms kept Extreme's legacy alive in 2000, and the band quietly reunited in 2004 for a small series of shows. The reunion gigs continued into 2008, when a new album, Saudades de Rock, marked the group's first batch of new material in 13 years. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine & Andrew Leahey
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  1.   Song
  2.   More Than Words
  3.   Hole Hearted
  4.   Get the Funk Out
  5.   Mutha (Don't Wanna Go to School Today)
  6.   Play With Me
  7.   Kid Ego
  8.   Decadence Dance
  9.   Little Girls
  10.   Wind Me Up
  11.   Rest in Peace
  12.   King of the Ladies
  13.   It's a (Monster)
  14.   Peace (Saudade)
  15.   He-Man Woman Hater
  16.   II Am I Ever Gonna Change
  17.   Tragic Comic
  18.   Everything Under the Sun: I Rise 'N Shine
  19.   Who Cares?
  20.   Big Boys Don't Cry
  21.   Teacher's Pet
  22.   Song For Love
  23.   Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?)
  24.   Money (In God We Trust)
  25.   Li'l Jack Horny
  26.   Am I Ever Gonna Change II
  27.   Who Cares? III
  28.   There Is No God
  29.   Everything Under the Sun: III Who Cares?
  30.   Everything Under the Sun: II Am I Ever Gonna Change
  31.   Rise N' Shine
  32.   Watching Waiting
  33.   Pornograffitti
  34.   When I'm President
  35.   Warheads
  36.   Help
  37.   God Isn't Dead?
  38.   Never Been Funked
  39.   Sex N' Love
  40.   Waiting for the Punchline
  41.   Red Blooded Woman
  42.   Discotheque
  43.   When Will It Rain
  44.   Tell Me Something I Don't
  45.   Where Are You Going?
  46.   Don't Leave Me Alone
  47.   Rise 'N Shine I
  48.   Medley: Kid Ego/Little Girls/Teachers Pet
  49.   Ghost; Cupid's Dead
  50.   Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee
  52.   Interface
  53.   Ghost
  54.   Flower Man
  55.   Last Hour
  56.   Run
  57.   Take Us Alive
  58.   Learn to Love
  59.   Comfortably Dumb
  60.   Star
  61.   Fair Weather Faith
  62.   Evilangelist
  63.   Der General
  64.   Rock a Bye Bye
  65.   Flesh 'N' Blood
  66.   Smoke Signals
  67.   Christmas Time Again
  68.   Unconditionally
  69.   Evelangelist
  70.   No Respect
  71.   Leave Me Alone
  72.   Midnight Express
  73.   Hip Today
  74.   Tell Me Something I Don't Know
  75.   Cynical
  76.   Our Father
  77.   Color Me Blind
  78.   Strutter
  79.   Acoustic Instrumental
  80.   Cupid's Dead
  81.   Better off Dead
  82.   Do You Wanna Play/Rest in Peace
  83.   Am I Ever Gonna Change
  84.   Sunrise
  85.   Naked
  86.   Tubthumping
  87.   Medley: Kid Ego
  88.   Nice Place To Visit
  89.   Shadow Boxing
  90.   III Who Cares?
  91.   I Rise 'N Shine
  92.   Peacemaker Die
  93.   Politicalamity
  94.   Stop the World
  95.   Drum Solo
  96.   Slide
  97.   Seven Sundays
  98.   When I First Kissed You

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