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Like Martika, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Rahsaan Patterson, Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson got her first major break as a youngster on the television program Kids Incorporated. Born in 1975, she did voice work for The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, as well as commercials, prior to becoming a Kids Incorporated regular from 1984 through 1989. Along with Stefanie Ridel and fellow Kids Incorporated alum Renee Ilene Sandstrom, Ferguson formed Wild Orchid, a teen pop group that released a pair of albums during the late '90s. A few years after the group's split, Ferguson joined the Black Eyed Peas in time to record 2003's Elephunk. She became central to the group's mainstream success ("Let's Get It Started," "My Humps") and released her first solo album, The Dutchess, during September 2006. ~ Andy Kellman
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Albums by

Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Big Girls Don't Cry
  3.   Glamorous
  4.   Fergalicious
  5.   L.A. Love (La La)
  6.   Life Goes On
  7.   London Bridge
  8.   Clumsy
  9.   A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) featuring Goonrock
  10.   M.I.L.F. $
  11.   Labels or Love
  12.   Finally
  13.   L.A.LOVE (la la) by YG
  14.   Party People
  15.   Breakout
  16.   Here I Come
  17.   Life Goes On by KLYMVX
  18.   Barracuda
  19.   All That I Got (The Make Up Song)
  20.   Feel Alive
  21.   Velvet
  22.   Pedestal
  23.   Mary Jane Shoes
  24.   Voodoo Doll
  25.   Losing My Ground
  26.   Personal by Sean Kingston
  27.   Pick it Up
  28.   Break In
  29.   Get Your Hands Up
  30.   Teknoise
  31.   True
  32.   Paradise
  33.   All That I Got
  34.   Mary Jane Shoes
  35.   London Bridge
  36.   Here I Come
  37.   Velvet
  38.   Fergalicious
  39.   Glamorous
  40.   Pedestal
  41.   Clumsy
  42.   [CD-Rom Track]
  43.   Wake Up
  44.   They're out to Get Me by Trauma
  45.   Anon by Fergie
  46.   All That I Got (The Make Up Song) Ft Will.I. Am
  47.   Fergalicious Ft Will.I. Am
  48.   Get Your Hands Up Ft Black Eyed Peas
  49.   Glamorous Ft Ludacris
  50.   Mary Jane Shoes Ft Rita Marley and the I-Threes
  51.   Be Italian
  52.   Quando Quando Quando
  53.   Glamourous
  54.   Ireland
  55.   Close to You
  56.   Clumsy by Soulja Boy
  57.   Pick It Up Song
  58.   Deception
  59.   Finally/Israel Nights

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