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Filter emerged as one of the most popular bands in the mid-'90s post-industrial alternative scene. Vocalist and primary member Richard Patrick had been a guitarist with Nine Inch Nails during the Pretty Hate Machine and Broken eras. In 1993, Patrick decided to leave NIN to form his own band. He met Brian Liesegang through a mutual friend and the pair began to record together. Patrick handled vocals, guitars, bass, programming, and drums, while Liesegang covered programming, guitars, keyboards, and drums. Since they both experimented with electronics early in their careers, the band's early sound was reminiscent of a more-muscular brand of industrial than that of NIN. Their debut album, Short Bus, released on Reprise in 1995, was recorded by the two at a small house on the outskirts of Cleveland. Short Bus became a surprise hit, thanks to the MTV and the alternative radio hit "Hey Man, Nice Shot"; by the end of the summer, the album had reached gold status. In order to tour behind the record, the duo recruited guitarist Geno Lenardo, bassist Frank Cavanaugh, and drummer Matt Walker. Liesegang departed in 1997 over creative differences, but Patrick retained the Filter name for 1999's Title of Record, which eventually went platinum and spawned another radio/MTV hit in the single "Take a Picture." The album also included new drummer Steve Gillis after Walker left to work with the Smashing Pumpkins. Filter's third album, The Amalgamut, followed three years later, after which the band went on a bit of a hiatus. Around 2005, Patrick announced the formation of a new band, Army of Anyone, which he created with former members of Stone Temple Pilots and David Lee Roth's touring band. However, Patrick did not abandon his original group -- Filter returned in 2008 with Anthems for the Damned. A compilation, The Very Best Things (1995-2008), followed in 2009 and then the group delivered The Trouble with Angels -- an unapologetic return to the sound of Short Bus -- in the summer of 2010. The Trouble with Angels performed well enough -- it debuted at 64 on the Billboard 200, reaching number seven on the Top Hard Rock Albums chart -- to attract the attention of the hard rock label Wind-Up, which released the band's next album, the Bob Marlette-produced The Sun Comes Out Tonight, in June of 2013. The album incorporated an updated sound, adding some harmonies and electronic elements close to musical progeny Linkin Park. While recording their follow-up, Patrick's supporting band changed and he was joined by Oumi Kapila (guitar, programming), Ashley Dzerigian (bass), Chris Reeve (drums), and Bobby Miller (keyboards). In January 2016, Patrick released the single "Take Me to Heaven," which was included on Filter's seventh LP, Crazy Eyes. ~ John Bush & Neil Z. Yeung
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  1.   Song
  2.   Take a Picture
  3.   Hey Man Nice Shot
  4.   What Do You Say
  5.   (Can't You) Trip Like I Do
  6.   Dose
  7.   Where Do We Go from Here
  8.   Take My Picture
  9.   Welcome to the Fold
  10.   The Best Things
  11.   I'm Not the Only One
  12.   Shot from the Sun
  13.   One
  14.   Drowning
  15.   American Cliché
  16.   Under
  17.   I Will Lead You
  18.   Columind
  19.   Surprise
  20.   Jurassitol
  21.   The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way)
  22.   Skinny
  23.   It's Gonna Kill Me
  24.   Take Another
  25.   So I Quit
  26.   Watch the Sun Come Out Tonight
  27.   It's Over
  28.   Tremors
  29.   Burn It
  30.   This Finger's for You
  31.   The Inevitable Relapse
  32.   No Love
  33.   Fades Like a Photograph
  34.   Kill the Day
  35.   Hatred Is Contagious
  36.   What's Next
  37.   My Long Walk to Jail
  38.   The Missing
  39.   White Like That
  40.   Gerbil
  41.   Absentee Father
  42.   Consider This
  43.   Kid Blue From the Short Bus, Drunk Bunk
  44.   Head of Fire
  45.   The City of Blinding Riots
  46.   Mother E
  47.   It's My Time
  48.   Take That Knife Out of My Back
  49.   First You Break It
  50.   It's Got to Be Right Now
  51.   We Hate It When You Get What You Want
  52.   The Inevitable Relapse Clayton Worbeck Mix
  53.   Gimme All Your Lovin'
  54.   Plume
  55.   My Life Before
  56.   The Trouble with Angels
  57.   Clouds
  58.   Catch a Falling Knife
  59.   Cold (Desert Sky)
  60.   Can Stop This
  61.   Only You
  62.   In Dreams
  63.   I Keep Flowers Around
  64.   The Take
  65.   Cold (Anthem for the Damned)
  66.   The Wake
  67.   Soldiers of Misfortune
  68.   The 4th
  69.   World Today
  70.   It Can Never Be the Same
  71.   God Damn Me
  72.   Cancer
  73.   Sand
  74.   Under the Tongue
  75.   Thanks Bro
  76.   (Can't She See) Head of Fire, Pt. 2
  77.   Your Bullets
  78.   Pride Flag
  79.   Nothing in My Hands
  80.   Take Me to Heaven
  81.   It's Just You
  82.   No Re-Entry
  83.   Down with Me
  84.   Lie After Lie
  85.   Miss Blue
  86.   Captain Bligh
  87.   So Cool
  88.   Welcome to the Suck (Destiny Not Luck)
  89.   Spent
  90.   The Hand That's Dealt
  91.   Drug Boy
  92.   Soldiers of Misfortune (10 Hits of X in Baghdad)
  93.   Stuck in Here
  94.   Self Inflicted
  95.   You Walk Away

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