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Yet another power metal ensemble showcasing the widely acknowledged and always in-demand talents of Greek guitar hero Gus G. (whose real name is Kostas Karamitroudis, and whose other credits include Dream Evil and Mystic Prophecy, among countless guest spots), Firewind blurs the lines between serious band and casual side project with its fluid multinational membership and surprisingly busy musical output. The latter has been represented by dependably yearly releases such as Between Heaven and Hell (2002), Burning Earth (2003), and Forged by Fire (2004); while the former has seen musicians like American vocalist Stephen Fredrick (also involved with Finland's Kenziner), Greek keyboardist Bob Katsionis (Septic Flesh), and American drummer Mark Cross (Helloween, Nightfall, Winters Bane, etc.) come and go. Because of all this, it's impossible to affirm whether the "band" has been laid to rest or remains a going concern. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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    Power Metal
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  1.   Song
  2.   Ready to Strike
  3.   Head Up High
  4.   Mercenary Man
  5.   Insanity
  6.   Angels Forgive Me
  7.   Embrace the Sun
  8.   The Essence
  9.   Warrior
  10.   World on Fire
  11.   My Loneliness
  12.   Allegiance
  13.   Falling to Pieces
  14.   You Have Survived
  15.   Into the Fire
  16.   Between Heaven and Hell
  17.   Wall Of Sound
  18.   Demon Nights
  19.   SKG
  20.   Believe in Nothing
  21.   Maniac
  22.   The Silent Code
  23.   Circle of Life
  24.   Till the End of Time
  25.   Deliverance
  26.   Land Of Eternity
  27.   Feast Of The Savages
  28.   Hate World Hero
  29.   Tyranny
  30.   Kill To Live
  31.   I Am the Anger
  32.   Steal Them Blind
  33.   The Longest Day
  34.   Brother's Keeper
  35.   The Fire and the Fury
  36.   Fire
  37.   I Will Fight Alone
  38.   Destination Forever
  39.   Breaking the Silence
  40.   Losing My Mind
  41.   Cold as Ice
  42.   Remembered
  43.   Oceans
  44.   No Heroes, No Sinners
  45.   Long Gone Tomorrow
  46.   Another Dimension
  47.   Guitar Solo
  48.   Keyboard Solo
  49.   The Yearning
  50.   The Departure
  51.   The Ark of Lies
  52.   Kill in the Name of Love
  53.   Heading for the Dawn
  54.   Chariot
  55.   Broken
  56.   Dreamchaser
  57.   Before the Storm
  58.   Beware The Beast
  59.   Waiting Still
  60.   Burning Earth
  61.   Firewind Raging
  62.   Immortal Lives Young
  63.   Edge of A Dream
  64.   Forgotten Memory
  65.   When All Is Said and Done
  66.   Northern Sky
  67.   Teenage Idol
  68.   Escape From Tomorrow
  69.   Burn In Hell
  70.   Few Against Many
  71.   Perished In Flames
  72.   Losing Faith
  73.   The Undying Fire
  74.   Tomorrow Can Wait
  75.   Where Do We Go From Here?
  76.   End of an Era
  77.   Healing Tool
  78.   Glorious
  79.   World of Conflict
  80.   Life Foreclosed
  81.   Destiny
  82.   Drum Solo/Dreamchaser
  83.   Who Am I
  84.   Pictured Life
  85.   Little Savage
  86.   Words of Conflict
  87.   Making Of/Burning the Earth Live
  88.   Still the Winds
  89.   Ride to the Rainbow's End
  90.   I Confide
  91.   Road Movie
  92.   Bootleg Live In Canada
  93.   Battleborn
  94.   My Lonliness
  95.   Interviews With The Band
  96.   Falling Into Pieces
  97.   Firewind Documentary