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Four Year Strong

Taking influence from the likes of Lifetime, Gorilla Biscuits, and New Found Glory, Four Year Strong built an aggressive and melody-riddled combination of hardcore, emo pop, and pop-punk upon their formation in Worcester, Massachusetts. The band's lineup -- vocalist/guitarists Dan O'Connor and Alan Day, bassist Joe Weiss, drummer Jake Massucco, and synth player Josh Lyford -- was cemented during the musicians' high school tenure in 2003, though a form of the band had already existed for several years. Following the appearance of two self-released EPs, Four Year Strong signed a deal with New Jersey-based imprint I Surrender Records. Their debut full-length, Rise or Die Trying, was issued on the label in September 2007. Tour dates with groups like the Starting Line, Valencia, and From First to Last kept them on the road for the remainder of the year. Their next release, an album of '90s covers called Explains It All, arrived at the end of 2009 and was followed a year later by the original set Enemy of the World. At this point, the band decided to lose its synth element, paring down to a quartet and parting ways with Josh Lyford in the process. In 2011, Four Year Strong went into the studio with producer David Bendeth to work on their fourth album, In Some Way, Shape, or Form, which was released at the end of the year. Their serious new tone took many fans by surprise and they took a few years to deliver a follow-up. Released in 2014, their EP Go Down in History was considered a sort of return to form. In early 2015, nearly four years after their last LP, they announced the release of their self-titled fifth album and first for California-based indie Pure Noise. ~ Corey Apar & Timothy Monger
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Four Year Strong

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Four Year Strong

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Four Year Strong

  1.   Song
  2.   Just Drive
  3.   Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)
  4.   It Must Really Suck to Be Four Year Strong Right Now
  5.   Spiderwebs
  6.   Ironic
  7.   Stuck in the Middle
  8.   Beatdown In The Key Of Happy
  9.   Living Proof of a Stubborn Youth
  10.   Catastrophe
  11.   Flannel Is the Color of My Energy
  12.   Bada Bing Wit' A Pipe
  13.   She's So High
  14.   Absolutely (Story of a Girl)
  15.   Find My Way Back
  16.   Go Down In History
  17.   Paul Revere's Midnight Ride
  18.   Tonight We Feel Alive (On a Saturday)
  19.   Semi-Charmed Life
  20.   Wipe Yourself Off, Man. You Dead.
  21.   Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  22.   Nineteen with Neck Tatz
  23.   In Bloom
  24.   Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
  25.   Gravity
  26.   We All Float Down Here
  27.   Not to Toot My Own Horn But, Beep Beep
  28.   The Infected
  29.   Maniac (ROD)
  30.   Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated
  31.   So Hot, And You Sweat on It
  32.   The Security of the Familiar, the Tranquility of Repetition
  33.   Wrecked 'Em Damn Near Killed 'Em
  34.   Bring on the World
  35.   Unbreakable
  36.   Fight the Future
  37.   Fly
  38.   Abandon Ship Or Abandon All Hope
  39.   Take Over
  40.   If He's Here Who's Runnin' Hell
  41.   The Sound of Your Heart
  42.   I'm a Big, Bright, Shining Star
  43.   Stolen Credit Card!
  44.   Eating My Words
  45.   I Hold Myself In Contempt
  46.   Tread Lightly
  47.   Heaven Wasn't Built to Hold Me
  48.   Bad Newz Bears
  49.   What the Hell Is a Gigawatt
  50.   Enemy of the World
  51.   Roll to Me
  52.   Love Song
  53.   Men Are From Mars Women Are From Hell
  54.   So You're Saying There's A Chance…
  55.   What's In The Box?
  56.   Falling on You
  57.   Sweet Kerosene
  58.   She Really Loved You
  59.   So Much for the Afterglow
  60.   One Step at a Time
  61.   The This Body Pays the Bill$
  62.   Only the Meek Get Pinched. the Bold Survive
  63.   Here's To Swimming With Bow-Legged Women
  64.   Fairweather Fan
  65.   Who Cares?
  66.   Bad News Bearz
  67.   Cavalier

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