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Foxy Brown

Before she had released any material at all, Foxy Brown appeared on several 1995-1996 platinum singles, including her first credit, LL Cool J's "I Shot Ya," as well as Total's "No One Else" remix of Jay-Z's "Ain't No...," Toni Braxton's "You're Makin' Me High" remix, and Case's "Touch Me, Tease Me." The incredible success led to a major-label bidding war at the beginning of 1996, and by March, Brown had signed with the Def Jam label as another in the ranks of young and hard female rappers. The Brooklyn native -- separate from a similarly named reggae artist -- was born in 1979; in 1994, while still a teenager, she won a talent contest in Brooklyn, and was invited to freestyle on-stage. At that time, Trackmasters were working on LL Cool J's Mr. Smith album, and they decided to let her rap over "I Shot Ya." The single became a hit, prompting Brown's work with Total, Braxton, and Case, as well as her induction into the Firm posse (led by Nas and also including AZ and Cormega). Brown's debut album, Ill Na Na, was produced by Trackmasters, and featured appearances from Blackstreet, Method Man, and Kid Capri. It hit number seven its first week on the album charts. Chyna Doll (1999) Broken Silence (2001) followed, both of which reached the Top Five of the Billboard 200. A brief fling with Roc-A Fella did not amount to much, and throughout the early 2000s, Brown was in and out of the media spotlight for physical altercations. Her next release didn't materialize until May 2008: Brooklyn's Don Diva, issued through Koch. ~ John Bush
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Foxy Brown

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Foxy Brown

  1.   Song
  2.   I'll Be
  3.   Get Me Home
  4.   Ill Na Na
  5.   Hot Spot
  6.   Candy
  7.   I Can't
  8.   Get Me Home
  9.   B.K. Anthem
  10.   If I...
  11.   Run Dem by Baby Cham
  12.   No One's
  13.   Fox Boogie
  14.   Bulletproof Love/One Love
  15.   730
  16.   The Quan
  17.   Touch Me Tease Me
  18.   My Life
  19.   Oh Yeah
  20.   It's Hard Being Wifee
  21.   Bonnie & Clyde Part 2
  22.   4-5-6
  23.   Can You Feel Me Baby by Pretty Boy
  24.   Chyna Whyte
  25.   Live as One Dub
  26.   'Bout My Paper by Mystikal
  27.   Tramp
  28.   Intro...Chicken Coop
  29.   Run Yo Shit by Capone-N-Noreaga
  30.   Freestyle
  31.   She Wanna Rude Bwoy
  32.   Never Heard This Before
  33.   Dreams of F****** a D-Boy
  34.   We're on Fire
  35.   We Don't Surrender
  36.   Stylin'
  37.   Gangsta Boogie
  38.   So Hot
  39.   The Letter by Ronald Isley
  40.   Na Na Be Like
  41.   Ride (Down South) featuring 8Ball
  42.   BWA
  43.   Baller B****
  44.   Job
  45.   The Birth of Foxy Brown
  46.   F*** Somebody Else
  47.   Big Bad Mama
  48.   The Promise
  49.   (Holy Matrimony) Letter to the Firm
  50.   So Hot by Gavin Marchand
  51.   I Don't Care
  52.   Whip Appeal
  53.   How We Get Down
  54.   Too Real
  55.   When the Lights Go Out
  56.   Brooklyn's Don Diva
  57.   Got to Get It
  58.   Run Yo S***
  59.   Saddest Day
  60.   I Don't Care
  61.   Tables Will Turn by Baby Cham
  62.   Hood Scriptures
  63.   Fallin' by Gavin Marchand
  64.   Broken Silence
  65.   Baby Mother
  66.   Bomb A**
  67.   Dog & A Fox
  68.   Outro
  69.   The Chase
  70.   Foxy's Bells
  71.   Interlude...The Set Up
  72.   Love Is All I Have
  73.   We Set the Pace
  74.   Why
  75.   Can You Feel Me Baby featuring Pretty Boy
  76.   Ride (Down South)
  77.   Good Love
  78.   Star Cry
  79.   Fast Car
  80.   Sorry
  81.   Baller B**** featuring Pretty Boy
  82.   Cand by Kelis
  83.   Run Yo S*** by CNN
  84.   Gangsta Boogi
  85.   Whatcha Gonna Do
  86.   La Familia
  87.   Intro Chicken Soup
  88.   Holy Matrimony Letter
  89.   The Promise Feata Havoc
  90.   Big Bad Mama
  91.   Got to Get It Get It
  92.   Foxy Brown Speaks vs. Jacki-O
  93.   Foxy Brown Freestyle (Dissin Lil Kim)
  94.   Hot 97 Freestyle
  95.   Stylin'
  96.   Chyna White
  97.   Bomb Ass
  98.   Baller Bitch
  99.   Magnetic
  100.   Thong Song