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The Fresh & Onlys

The Fresh & Onlys started out as a collaboration between prolific frontman Tim Cohen (Black Fiction) and bassist Shayde Sartin, who began putting songs together in 2004. The Fresh & Onlys' lineup eventually expanded to include drummer Kyle Gibson, guitarist Wymond Miles, and Heidi Alexander (who soon left the band). Drawing from a hodgepodge of influences (among them Buzzcocks, the Mekons, and Country Joe MacDonald), the new lineup arrived over time at a grimy yet sunny pop sound along the lines of Saturday Looks Good to Me and Welcome with plenty of garage rock mixed in. In early 2008, they issued their first recording, the Imaginary Friends EP, on their friend Kelley Stoltz's label. After they self-released the Medicine Island cassette, John Dwyer's Castle Face label put out their self-titled debut album in April of 2009, and a 7" single, "I'll Tell You Everything," on Dirty Knobby Industries followed. The band's second full-length album, Grey-Eyed Girls, was released on Woodsist in the fall of 2009. It was followed by a flood of recordings in 2010: an EP for Captured Tracks (August on My Mind); a handful of singles for various labels; and finally their third album, Play It Strange, which was released in October by In the Red. The group began 2011's output in April with a lusher, reverby EP called Secret Walls, released on the Sacred Bones label. Also that year, Cohen released an album (Ruler of the Night) on Hardly Art with his other band, Magic Trick, and Miles released a solo album (Under the Pale Moon) for Sacred Bones. The Fresh & Onlys returned in August of 2012 with their fourth album and first for Mexican Summer, the thoughtful and relatively slickly produced Long Slow Dance. The group followed up with an EP, Soothsayer, in 2013, while Cohen and Miles also found time that year to release another Magic Trick album (River of Souls) and solo album (Cut Yourself Free), respectively. The band's fifth album, House of Spirits, was written by Cohen while visiting an isolated Arizona horse ranch and reflected a laid-back Western feel. It was released by Mexican Summer in June of 2014. The rhythm section of Sartin and Gibson parted ways with the band soon after, and Cohen and Miles toured with replacements. In 2015, Castle Face issued Early Years Anthology, a collection of unreleased Fresh & Onlys songs from before and around the time of their debut. The Magic Trick albums Half Man Half Machine and Other Man's Blues arrived later in 2015 and in mid-2016, respectively, the latter within weeks of Miles' third solo outing, Call by Night. In the meantime, Cohen signed with the Sinderlyn label for his fourth solo LP, Luck Man, released in early 2017. Operating officially as a duo, the Fresh & Onlys re-emerged that summer with Wolf Lie Down, also on Sinderlyn. ~ Margaret Reges
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The Fresh & Onlys

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The Fresh & Onlys

  1.   Song
  2.   I'm All Shook Up
  3.   Waterfall
  4.   Euphoria
  5.   Nuclear Disaster
  6.   Hummingbird
  7.   What Goes in Circles
  8.   Clowns (Took My Baby Away)
  9.   You're Known To Wander
  10.   Long Slow Dance
  11.   Be My Hooker
  12.   Animal of One
  13.   Red Light, Green Light
  14.   Drugs
  15.   The Mind Is Happy
  16.   August In My Mind
  17.   God of Suez
  18.   Black Coffin
  19.   What's His Shadow Still Doing Here
  20.   Grey-Eyed Girl
  21.   Ballerina
  22.   On the Verge
  23.   Peacock and Wing
  24.   Soothsayer
  25.   The Deluge of War
  26.   Presence of Mind
  27.   No Second Guessing
  28.   Candy
  29.   Fire Alarm
  30.   Heel Toe
  31.   Do You Believe in Destiny?
  32.   Poison Wine
  33.   Imaginary Friends
  34.   April Fools
  35.   Save Your Soul
  36.   Wash Over Us
  37.   Feelings in My Heart
  38.   Dream Girls
  39.   Secret Walls
  40.   Wanna Do Right By You
  41.   Foolish Person
  42.   Do What I Came to Do
  43.   Wolf Lie Down
  44.   Bells of Paonia
  45.   Fascinated
  46.   I Would Not Know the Devil
  47.   Who Needs a Man
  48.   Only One I Want
  49.   Take Back the Night
  50.   I'm Gonna Be Your Elevator
  51.   Madness
  52.   How High Was I
  53.   Who Let the Devil
  54.   Impossible Man
  55.   Executioner's Song
  56.   Forest Down Annie
  57.   In the Light
  58.   Fog Machine
  59.   Endless Love
  60.   Yes or No
  61.   No Regard
  62.   Shattered Moon
  63.   Keep Telling Everybody Lies
  64.   Strangers (You & Me)
  65.   Dreamin Is Easy
  66.   Hated or Loved
  67.   I'm Awake
  68.   Summer of Love
  69.   Invisible Forces
  70.   I'm a Thief
  71.   Arm's Advice
  72.   I Saw Him
  73.   The Delusion of Man
  74.   Diamonds In The Dark
  75.   D.Y.
  76.   Plague of Frogs
  77.   Happy to Be Living
  78.   Second One To Know
  79.   Let's Hang
  80.   20 Days & 20 Nights
  81.   Glass Bottom Boat
  82.   Tropical Island Suite
  83.   The Garbage Collector
  84.   Love & Kindness
  85.   Dude's Got a Tender Heart
  86.   Home Is Where?

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