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Funkmaster Flex

Not since the early '80s when DJs such as Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaataa were acknowledged as two of rap's most popular figures had a hip-hop DJ attained such prominent status among the masses as New York's Funkmaster Flex. Throughout the 1990s he reigned over New York's mammoth rap scene, capable of making or breaking artists with his high-profile position at the top-rated radio station in America's top radio market, Hot 97. By the mid-'90s, he was also the weekly DJ at one of New York's top clubs, the Tunnel, and also had his radio show broadcasting on Los Angeles' Power 106, America's second largest radio market. Furthermore, Flex began releasing commercially successful mix albums in the mid-'90s, beginning with the first volume of the long-running 60 Minutes of Funk series. At the end of the decade, his popularity only continued to rise, landing him a coveted position on MTV with his own daily show, Direct Effect. Though hip-hop DJs such as Eric B and Terminator X had been recognizable names in the '80s and '90s, Funkmaster Flex was the first pure DJ without any affiliated MCs to match the popular success that early-'80s artists such as Grandmaster Flash had attained, harking back to the early days of hip-hop when the DJ overshadowed the MC. The son of a Jamaican DJ, Flex was born in Brooklyn as Aston Taylor and bought his first set of turntables at age 16, influenced by early New York hip-hop DJs such as DJ Red Alert. His radio career began at KISS-FM as an assistant to Chuck Chillout in the late '80s. When Chillout transferred to WBLS, Flex accompanied him and soon began spinning at clubs and parties, where people began to take note of his skills. Among those fascinated with his talents were the programming chiefs at Hot 97, who offered him a prominent role as one of the city's top hip-hop DJs. In 1995, he released his first major-label mix album, The Mix Tape, Vol. 1: 60 Minutes of Funk, and followed this album with two more volumes on Loud Records by the end of the '90s, along with an album on Def Jam, The Tunnel. In 2000, he mixed a collection of that year's biggest rap anthems for Arista, Vibe Hits, Vol. 1, and continued the 60 Minutes of Funk series. In addition to his duties as a radio DJ and as a successful album artist, Funkmaster Flex has also served as a remixer and host of the Spike TV series Ride with Funkmaster Flex. The 2005 album Funkmaster Flex Car Show Tour featured music from the successful series. ~ Jason Birchmeier
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Funkmaster Flex

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Funkmaster Flex

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Funkmaster Flex

  1.   Song
  2.   Biggie/Tupac Live Freestyle
  3.   If I Get Locked Up
  4.   Flex Outro
  5.   Just a Touch
  6.   Def Jam 2000
  7.   Nuttin' But Flavor by Ghetto Celebs
  8.   6 Minutes
  9.   Sad and Blue
  10.   D.B.L.O.C.K.
  11.   Bring It Back
  12.   Dem Want War
  13.   Okay
  14.   Jump Around
  15.   Nuttin' But Flavor
  16.   Puff Daddy Promo
  17.   Shook Ones, Pt. 2 /Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F' Wit featuring Mobb Deep
  18.   Butterfly Style
  19.   Freestyle
  20.   Thuun
  21.   Freestyle Over "Mona Lisa"
  22.   No Joke/Follow Me
  23.   Six Million Ways to Die
  24.   Safe Sex, No Freaks
  25.   Birdcall
  26.   Hurry Hurry
  27.   Line of Fire
  28.   We Be Gettin' Chips
  29.   Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
  30.   Dead Man Walking featuring Beanie Sigel
  31.   Okay featuring Big Kap
  32.   K.I.M. Interlude
  33.   Confrontation
  34.   Put Your Hammer Down
  35.   Hey Girlfriend Promo
  36.   True
  37.   Op by Naughty by Nature
  38.   KRS One Speech
  39.   For My Thugs
  40.   Take It Easy featuring Ghetto Celebs
  41.   Birdcall
  42.   Q.B.G. featuring Big Kap
  43.   Biggie/Tupac Live Freestyle featuring 2Pac
  44.   Real G's
  45.   Respect
  46.   Let's Be Specific
  47.   Wow
  48.   6 Minutes

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