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Further Seems Forever

Although Further Seems Forever never managed to retain a lead singer for more than one album, the Florida-based band wielded considerable influence in the emo arena, becoming one of the genre's most acclaimed bands despite maintaining a relatively low profile. Formed in Pompano Beach, the band first took its lineup from three local groups: Strongarm, Shai Hulud, and the Vacant Andys. Vocalist Chris Carrabba fronted the outfit, while bassist Chad Neptune, drummer Steve Kleisath, and guitarists Josh Colbert and Nick Dominguez provided the rhythmic backbone. "Vengeance Factor," a song recorded for a Deep Elm compilation titled Emo Diaries, helped attract an early fan base, and a split EP with Recess Theory (From the 27th State) followed in July 1999. Embracing a mix of pop-influenced melodies, religious lyrics, and emocore tinges, Further Seems Forever released their full-length debut with 2001's Moon Is Down, on the Christian-affiliated Tooth & Nail label. The group soon changed singers when Carrabba decided to pursue a solo career as Dashboard Confessional, an emo project that -- unlike Further Seems Forever -- would go on to enjoy both critical acclaim and mainstream success. Further Seems Forever recruited former Affinity frontman Jason Gleason, and the revised band forged ahead with the new singer. Whereas Carrabba's vocals had sounded vulnerable and pained, Gleason's own voice emphasized intensity and a wide range. He was first introduced to fans when the new lineup appeared on two compilations, Rock Music: A Tribute to Weezer and Punk Goes Pop. Meanwhile, additional lineup changes took place as Derick Cordoba replaced Dominguez in time for February 2003's How to Start a Fire. A powerful effort, the sophomore album proved that Further Seems Forever were more than a pre-Dashboard vehicle for Chris Carrabba, who had already made a name for himself as a solo artist. As luck would have it, though, Gleason exited the group just as work on a third album was beginning. Undeterred, the rest of Further Seems Forever reached out to vocalist Jon Bunch, whose previous band, Sense Field, had recently dissolved. Bunch agreed to become the band's third frontman, and Hide Nothing introduced the new lineup in August 2004. The group supported its release by touring alongside Sparta, Copeland, and the Starting Line, but by the following year, the musicians had shifted their priorities. Further Seems Forever went on a brief hiatus that November, with Neptune announcing his desire to focus on family matters instead. A formal breakup arrived in early 2006, punctuated by a farewell tour and the March release of Hope This Finds You Well, a career retrospective that included fan favorites, rarities, and B-sides. 567 Records then issued the CD/DVD The Final Curtain in early April 2007, which included unreleased material and footage of Further Seems Forever's last show on June 17, 2006. In 2010, Further Seems Forever reunited for several shows featuring original singer Carrabba. Two years later, Carrabba was still at the helm for the band's fourth studio album, Penny Black (Rise Records). Years passed until fans heard news of the band, who announced another reunion for a festival slot in early 2016. However, tragedy struck on February 1, 2016, when news broke that former singer Jon Bunch had suddenly died. ~ Andrew Leahey & Corey Apar
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Further Seems Forever

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Further Seems Forever

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Further Seems Forever

  1.   Song
  2.   Lead the Way
  3.   Bye, Bye, Bye
  4.   The Deep
  5.   Pictures of Shorelines
  6.   On the Outside
  7.   Staring Down the Sun
  8.   Call on the Life
  9.   The Sound
  10.   Wearing Thin
  11.   Madison Prep
  12.   Snowbirds and Townies
  13.   New Year's Project
  14.   Janie
  15.   Stem the Loss
  16.   Rusted Machines
  17.   A System of Symmetry
  18.   King's Canyon
  19.   Rescue Trained
  20.   So Cold
  21.   There, Now I've Said It
  22.   For All We Know
  23.   Bleed
  24.   All Rise
  25.   Make It a Part
  26.   Like Someone You Know
  27.   Already Gone
  28.   Hide Nothing
  29.   Light Up Ahead
  30.   Someone You Know
  31.   On Legendary
  32.   Pride War
  33.   Against My Better Judgment
  34.   How to Start a Fire
  35.   Pride War
  36.   Say It Ain't So
  37.   A New Desert Life
  38.   Just Until Sundown
  39.   Vengeance Factor
  40.   Moon Is Down
  41.   The Bradley
  42.   Penny Black
  43.   Monachetti
  44.   Engines
  45.   Pagan Poetry
  46.   Aurora Borealis (In Long Form)
  47.   I Am
  48.   Insincerity as an Artform
  49.   Way Down
  50.   Justice Prevails
  51.   A Blank Page Empire
  52.   All of Me by Watashi Wa
  53.   [Bonus Material]
  54.   Pictures of a Shoreline
  55.   New Years
  56.   Further Seems Forever Live Interview with Special Guest Bill Power [DVD
  57.   Final Show
  58.   Call on My Life
  59.   Justice Until Sundown
  60.   Medley

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