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As a disenfranchised D.I.Y. punk band from the U.K., Gallows fuse rage with a disgust with their social surroundings in the same fashion as their forefathers, the Sex Pistols and the Clash, to add a genuine urgency to their punk revival. In 2005, Frank Carter (vocals), Steph Carter (guitar/vocals), Laurent Barnard (guitars/keys/vocals), Stuart Gili-Ross (bass), and Lee Barratt (drums) formed the band after digesting a steady diet of '80s hardcore staples like Black Flag and Minor Threat and underground bands like Swing Kids and JR Ewing. Frank Carter attacks his songs with an unforced intense venomous scream while confronting perilous topics like date rape, street violence, and simmering anxieties boiling within. Gallows made their debut album, Orchestra of Wolves, on a minimal budget in September 2006 after signing to the Nottingham label In at the Deep End Records. In March 2007, shortly after a SXSW gig in Austin, Gallows secured a record deal with Epitaph Records, which made plans to re-release the band's first album, with three bonus tracks, on North American soil that July. Two years later, the band returned with its sophomore album, Grey Britain. In 2011, the band announced it had parted ways with singer Carter. He was soon replaced by Alexisonfire's Wade MacNeil who made his debut on the band's eponymous third studio album in 2012. Continuing to evolve, Gallows stripped back to raw garage punk sound for their fourth album 2015's Desolation Sounds. ~ Jason Lymangrover
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Top Songs by

  1.   Song
  2.   Misery
  3.   The Vulture
  4.   In the Belly of a Shark
  5.   Graves
  6.   Leeches
  7.   The Riverbank
  8.   London Is the Reason
  9.   The Riverbed
  10.   Black Eyes
  11.   The Great Forgiver
  12.   Queensberry Rules
  13.   Crucifucks
  14.   I Dread the Night
  15.   Everybody Loves You (When You're Dead)
  16.   Swan Song
  17.   Death Voices
  18.   Orchestra of Wolves
  19.   Rolling with the Punches
  20.   Mystic Death
  21.   Bonfire Season featuring Laurent Barnard
  22.   We Bite
  23.   Borstal Breakout
  24.   Cross of Lorraine
  25.   Cult of Mary
  26.   Nations - Never Enough
  27.   Odessa
  28.   Depravers
  29.   Austere
  30.   Vapid Adolescent Blues
  31.   Outsider Art
  32.   Last June
  33.   Victim Culture
  34.   Staring at the Rude Bois
  35.   Wrathchild
  36.   Nervous Breakdown
  37.   Sick of Feeling Sick
  38.   Abandon Ship
  39.   Kill the Rhythm
  40.   I Promise This Won't Hurt
  41.   Stay Cold
  42.   Come Friendly Bombs
  43.   Just Because You Sleep Next To Me Doesn't Mean You're Safe
  44.   Last Fight for the Living Dead
  45.   Death Valley Blue
  46.   Black Heart Queen
  47.   Leviathan Rot
  48.   Will Someone Shoot That Fucking Snake
  49.   Cease to Exist
  50.   Leather Crown
  51.   Desolation Sounds
  52.   Chains
  53.   Will Someone Shoot That F**king Snake
  54.   Death Valley Blue
  55.   Six Years
  56.   If Credit's What Matters I'll Take Credit
  57.   93/93

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