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Glen Hansard

With a host of real-life songs and lilting vocals that reflect a passion for his influences (particularly Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan), Glen Hansard is best known for his work with the Frames and the Swell Season. Born to a working-class Dublin family during the spring of 1970, he left school at age 13 in search of making music his career. He began busking in the streets of Dublin, laying the groundwork for his engaging stage persona and, ironically, mimicking the plot line of Once, the movie that would later make him a star in multiple countries. By his late teens, Hansard had recorded his first demo with the help of his Mum, who'd lent him some money for the project. One of the 50 tapes he pressed landed in the hands of Island Records' Denny Cordell, a former producer and A&R man who'd previously signed Tom Petty and Joe Cocker. At Cordell's flat, the 17-year-old Hansard also met Ron Wood, Marianne Faithfull, and Stewart Copeland. The meeting, to say the least, left a lasting impression on Hansard, and in the end, Cordell signed him with the approval of Island founder Chris Blackwell. From there, Hansard quickly gathered a group of fellow buskers and formed the Frames. Unfortunately, quick accolades proved daunting for Hansard and the Frames, whose grunge-influenced release Another Love Song came and went without selling much. Island Records responded by dropping the group. To distract himself from the disappointment, Hansard took on the role of Outspan Foster, a guitarist in the famed Alan Parker film The Commitments. He would later admit that he shouldn't have taken the role, as it merely placated his struggle with making music. But a trip to New York gave Hansard the space and time to dream it all up again, and with a newfound focus, he wrote the guitar-blazing anthem "Revelate" and "Say It to Me Now." Both songs eventually landed on the Frames' proper debut album, Fitzcarraldo, which was released in 1996 and helped make the Frames a popular group in Ireland. Over the next decade, Hansard and the Frames continued releasing albums while also becoming one of Ireland's finest live acts. In 2003, Hansard played host to Other Voices: Songs from a Room, a popular television show featuring Ireland's best in new music. Three years later, while the Frames readied the release of their sixth effort, The Cost, Hansard unveiled a new side project called the Swell Season. The acoustic-based group featured his collaborations with Czech songstress Markéta Irglová. He and Irglová also appeared as working-class immigrants in the Irish movie Once, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007 and won an Oscar later that year. Thanks to the movie's success (not to mention its popular soundtrack, Once: Music from the Motion Picture, which featured the band's music), the Swell Season became a popular act in Ireland and abroad, leading to the release of a mature sophomore album in 2009. Rhythm and Repose, Hansard's solo debut released by Anti in 2012, was produced by Thomas Bartlett (the National, Antony & the Johnsons) and inspired by the singer/songwriter's year and a half spent as a denizen of New York City. Later in 2012, Hansard's track "Take the Heartland" appeared on the Hunger Games soundtrack, and the following year he joined up with Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder to record a cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Drive All Night," which was included on an EP of the same name issued in November by Anti in support of music education charity Little Kids Rock. In 2015, Hansard released It Was Triumph We Once Proposed: Songs of Jason Molina, an EP in which Hansard presented reworked interpretations of five songs by his late friend Molina, best known for his work with Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. In September 2015, Hansard returned with a new album of original material, Didn't He Ramble, followed by an American concert tour. ~ MacKenzie Wilson
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Glen Hansard

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Glen Hansard

  1.   Song
  2.   Falling Slowly
  3.   All The Way Down
  4.   High Hope
  5.   Winning Streak
  6.   Come Away To the Water
  7.   Leave
  8.   Drive All Night
  9.   Love Don't Leave Me Waiting
  10.   Say It To Me Now
  11.   This Gift
  12.   You Will Become
  13.   Wedding Ring
  14.   Trying To Pull Myself Away
  15.   Rare Bird
  16.   Philander
  17.   Lies
  18.   The Song of Good Hope
  19.   Paying My Way
  20.   McCormack's Wall
  21.   Falling Slowly
  22.   Cry Me a River
  23.   Way Back in the Way Back When
  24.   My Little Ruin
  25.   Being in Love
  26.   I Couldn't Say It to Your Face
  27.   Maybe Not Tonight
  28.   Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy
  29.   Didn't He Ramble
  30.   Lay Me Down
  31.   Just to Be the One
  32.   Her Mercy
  33.   Grace Beneath the Pines
  34.   White Sulfer
  35.   Hold on Magnolia
  36.   Pressing On
  37.   Renata
  38.   Pennies in the Fountain
  39.   Races
  40.   What Are We Gonna Do
  41.   The Storm, It's Coming
  42.   Talking with the Wolves
  43.   Take the Heartland
  44.   Fallen From The Sky
  45.   Drive All Night
  46.   Step Out of the Shadows
  47.   Let Me In
  48.   Farewell Transmission
  49.   Bird of Sorrow
  50.   Stay the Road
  51.   Vanquisher
  52.   Lowly Deserter
  53.   Return
  54.   Lies
  55.   When Your Minds Made Up
  56.   And the Healing Has Begun
  57.   Alone Apart
  58.   Drown Out
  59.   Sleeping
  60.   The Moon
  61.   The Swell Season
  62.   This Low
  63.   Close the Coalhouse Door by The Unthanks
  64.   2000 Miles by The Unthanks
  65.   On a Monday Morning by The Unthanks
  66.   I Wish, I Wish by The Unthanks
  67.   Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk by The Unthanks
  68.   Alifib/Alifie by The Unthanks
  69.   The Gallowgate Lad by The Unthanks
  70.   Felton Lonnin by The Unthanks
  71.   Tar Barrel in Dale by The Unthanks
  72.   Queen of Hearts by The Unthanks
  73.   Sexy Sadie by The Unthanks
  74.   A Dream of a Tree in a Spanish Graveyard featuring Ian McMillan
  75.   Oak, Ash and Thorn by The Unthanks
  76.   The Unthank Family Band by The Unthanks

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