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God Forbid

God Forbid forges the gritting, teeth-baring bile of American death metal together with the melodic overtones of the so-called "New Wave of Swedish Death Metal" promulgated by bands like In Flames, Arch Enemy, and the late, lamented, and legendary At the Gates. Equal parts Pantera, Hatebreed, and early Sepultura, the central New Jersey based band have carved out a name for themselves touring with the formidable likes of Cradle of Filth, Nile, and Candiria, and playing gigs with bands as diverse as Sevendust, Sick of it All, Soul Brains, and Shadows Fall. God Forbid's music cuts a clear, brutal path through metal's inter-genre barriers as swiftly as the band's diverse ethnic makeup cuts across color lines. The men of God Forbid -- hulking, imposing vocalist Byron Davis; bassist Beeker; drummer Corey Pierce; and the brotherly guitar team of Doc Coyle and his older sibling Dallas -- first emerged with the Out of Misery EP in 1998. Their debut full-length album, Reject the Sickness, followed in 2000 through the small but fierce indie imprint 9 Volt Records. The album received a ton of spins on New Jersey/New York-area metal radio powerhouse WSOU, and eventually garnered the attention of the L.A. offices of Century Media Records, who quickly signed God Forbid to a worldwide deal. The result was 2001's Determination album, a sharp, crisp, and incredibly focused effort showcasing the band's songwriting talents and penchant for diverse musical interplay and technical wizardry. Subsequent touring with some of the biggest acts in metal and hardcore music followed, solidifying God Forbid's position as an up-and-coming contender for a highly regarded position amongst metal's most elite. Even Cradle of Filth vocalist Dani Filth was suitably impressed, reveling in the band's intensity and commenting on it nightly from the stage while touring across the States alongside them. That same year, the Reject the Sickness EP was reissued with extra tracks as the band embarked on tours with Opeth and crossed the pond for sold-out U.K. and European shows. ~ Ryan J. Downey
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God Forbid

Top Songs by
God Forbid

  1.   Song
  2.   Better Days
  3.   Force-Fed
  4.   Shallow
  5.   Anti-Hero
  6.   Chains of Humanity
  7.   Into the Wasteland
  8.   Living Nightmare
  9.   Divinity
  10.   Go Your Own Way
  11.   War of Attrition
  12.   Nothing
  13.   The Discovery
  14.   Don't Tell Me What to Dream
  15.   Empire of the Gun
  16.   Gods Last Gift
  17.   Conquer
  18.   A Few Good Men
  19.   Bat The Angels
  20.   Heartless
  21.   Ashes of Humanity (Regret)
  22.   Crucify Your Beliefs
  23.   To The Fallen Hero
  24.   Precious Lie
  25.   A Reflection of the Past
  26.   Broken Promise
  27.   Divide My Destiny
  28.   Nosferatu
  29.   Dawn of the Millenia
  30.   This Is Who I Am
  31.   Overcome
  32.   Scraping the Walls
  33.   Stockholm Syndrome (Muse)
  34.   Gaia (The Vultures)
  35.   Earthsblood
  36.   Walk Alone
  37.   Weather the Storm
  38.   Dark Waters
  39.   Assed Out
  40.   Welcome To the Apocalypse (Preamble)
  41.   Lonely Dead
  42.   The End of the World
  43.   Out Ta Get Me
  44.   Judge the Blood
  45.   Gone Forever
  46.   Washed-Out World
  47.   Madman
  48.   Habeeber
  49.   Reject The Sickness
  50.   Dead Words on Deaf Ears
  51.   Wicked
  52.   N2
  53.   Where We Come From
  54.   Pages
  55.   Cornered
  56.   Equilibrium
  57.   The New Clear
  58.   The Rain
  59.   The Century Fades
  60.   Under This Flag
  61.   Soul Engraved
  62.   Inside
  63.   Mind Eraser
  64.   My Rebirth
  65.   Master Killer
  66.   Awakening
  67.   Network
  68.   Move On
  69.   Amendment
  70.   Constitution of Treason
  71.   Determination, Pt. 2
  72.   No Sympathy
  73.   Determination, Pt. 1

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