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Taking their name from the original Japanese pronunciation of Godzilla, French death metal quartet Gojira have risen from utmost obscurity during the first half of their career to widespread global recognition in the second, including regular mention among the genre's leading new-millennium upstarts. Originating from the town of Bayonne on France's southernmost Atlantic Ocean coastline, Gojira recorded the first in a sequence of almost yearly demos in 1996, gradually honing their sound until the year 2000, when bandmembers Joe Duplantier (vocals/guitar), Christian Andreu (guitar), Jean-Michel Labadie (bass), and Mario Duplantier (drums), felt ready to record their first album, Terra Incognita, relying solely on their own devices. And despite its independent status, the aptly named LP made significant waves with its unpredictable blend of death, thrash, groove, progressive, and math metal -- recalling bands as diverse as Pantera, Meshuggah, Suffocation, and Sepultura. Still, it took several years (and a curious detour into soundtrack music on 2003's Maciste All Inferno EP) for the metal world to catch on, and even Gojira's second album, The Link, had to be released through the tiny independent Boycott Records before being reissued by Listenable. (This was followed by 2004's The Link Alive live album and corresponding video set, whose audio component was limited to 500 copies -- a parting shot for Boycott.) Now finally gathering steam, Gojira saw their third full-length, From Mars to Sirius, enter the French charts at number 44, while collecting the most enthusiastic reviews of their career -- a level of acclaim that led, in turn, to numerous key European festival appearances, and lengthy European and North American tours with Obituary, Hatesphere, Children of Bodom, and Machine Head, to name but a few. By the end of the long promotional cycle for From Mars to Sirius, Gojira were widely acknowledged as a force to be reckoned with, on-stage and in the studio, and their much anticipated fourth LP, The Way of All Flesh (released stateside by Prosthetic Records), made a strong showing by debuting at number 138 on the American charts in October 2008. The extensive touring schedule that Gojira then undertook meant that fans would have to wait nearly four years for the band’s next studio album, although they did get the expansive The Flesh Alive video set to tide them over. In 2012, the band moved up to the big leagues, signing to major-label Roadrunner for the release of L'Enfant Sauvage ("The Wild Child"), inspired by the Truffaut film of the same name. It earned wide critical praise, as well as a Top 40 showing on the U.S., Canadian, Swedish, and French charts. Long years of touring and occasional recording -- including another live album, Les Enfants Sauvages -- were followed by the release of Gojira's sixth album, Magma, released on Roadrunner in 2016. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Toxic Garbage Island
  3.   L' Enfant Sauvage
  4.   Explosia
  5.   The Axe
  6.   The Wild Healer
  7.   Stranded
  8.   Silvera
  9.   Flying Whales
  10.   The Art of Dying
  11.   The Shooting Star
  12.   The Gift of Guilt
  13.   Magma
  14.   The Cell
  15.   The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
  16.   Low Lands
  17.   Mouth of Kala
  18.   Vacuity
  19.   The Silver Cord
  20.   Dawn
  21.   Fire Is Everything
  22.   Inward Movement
  23.   Pray
  24.   Esoteric Surgery
  25.   In the Forest
  26.   Space Time
  27.   Where Dragons Dwell
  28.   Only Pain
  29.   Planned Obsolescence
  30.   Liquid Fire
  31.   On the BOTA
  32.   Wolf Down The Earth
  33.   Lizard Skin
  34.   The Link
  35.   Ocean Planet
  36.   Drum Solo
  37.   Born in Winter
  38.   5988 Trillions de Tonnes
  39.   Oroborus
  40.   Love
  41.   Remembrance
  42.   Backbone
  43.   The Fall
  44.   Pain Is a Master
  45.   Rise
  46.   Deliverance
  47.   04
  48.   Satan Is a Lawyer
  49.   The Way of All Flesh
  50.   Adoration For None
  51.   All The Tears
  52.   A Sight to Behold
  53.   Terra Inc.
  54.   Clone
  55.   Blow Me Away You (Niverse)
  56.   Embrace the World
  57.   Over the Flows
  58.   Wisdom
  59.   Connected
  60.   Death of Me
  61.   Indians
  62.   Global Warming
  63.   To Sirius
  64.   From Mars
  65.   World to Come
  66.   From the Sky
  67.   1990 Quatrillions de Tonnes
  68.   In the Wilderness
  69.   Liberation
  70.   Yellow Stone
  71.   Wisdom Comes
  72.   Torii
  73.   Unicorn
  74.   Yama's Messengers

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